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Ukraine. China with a strong response. They did not remain indebted to Zelensky

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– Regarding peace talks, China's position is fair and just. It is not aimed at any third country and of course it is not directed against Switzerland, which is hosting this peace summit, spokeswoman Mao Ning said during a press briefing.

A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that “China believes that it should support all efforts leading to a peaceful resolution of the crisis“.

Peace summit in Switzerland. Zelensky criticized China's attitude

The statement by the spokeswoman of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a response to criticism from Volodymyr Zelensky. The President of Ukraine announced on Sunday that So far, 106 countries and organizations have confirmed their participation in the conference. Zelensky said that Russia is scaring other countries, including: blockade of food products to discourage them from participating in peace talks. China is also expected to put pressure on individual countries.

– As for China, it has not confirmed its presence at any level at the summit in Switzerland. The United States maintains contact with some countries and encourages them to participate in the peace summit. China, unfortunately, is the opposite – they are now trying to prevent other countries from coming to the peace summit. There is a big difference between these two attitudes, he emphasized.

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Peace summit in Switzerland. China will not participate

On Friday, the Chinese side announced that will not participate in the peace summit in Burgenstock, Switzerland, which will take place on June 15-16. This decision is dictated by the failure to meet conditions such as Russia's participation.

– China sincerely hopes that kThe peace conference will not become a platform for creating confrontation between the parties – Mao Ning said. She added that failure to attend the conference “does not mean that someone does not support peace.”

– Even if individual countries participate in the conference, they may not actually want to cease fire and end the war. The key is to look at actual actions, she added.

Source: AFP News, Reuters

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