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Ukraine, Defense Express about the downed Russian P-35 missile

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Russian troops fired a P-35 anti-ship missile over Ukraine, weighing four tons and 10 meters long. This missile was adopted in 1962 – wrote the Ukrainian military portal Defense Express. The service reported that the rocket had been shot down, but did not reveal the date or place where it fell.

According to the Defense Express website, the Russian P-35 missile was probably fired from a Redut or Object 100 missile system. “Considering that it is an anti-ship missile, the enemy most likely aimed it at objects located in the southern regions of Ukraine,” the website wrote.

Defense Express reported that the P-35 missile is a “rare phenomenon”, weighs four tons, is 10 meters long, was developed in the 1950s and adopted in 1962. Despite “its age, it is still in service with the Russian army.”

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P-35 missile. Illustrative photo mil.ru

Defense Express published photos of fragments of the shot down missile spread on social media and assessed that “this is the first known case of its use (for attacks on Ukraine – ed.).”

“It’s quite difficult to see the P-35 in this pile of metal, but this missile has distinctive wings,” the portal wrote.

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