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Ukraine. Destruction of the dam in Nowa Kachówka. The flooded zoo of Kazkov Dibrov. The tragic fate of animals in flood-affected areas

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The Kazkov Dibrova Zoo in occupied Nova Kakhovka in southern Ukraine was flooded after the Russians blew up a dam on the Dnieper. Almost all the animals died, the Ukrainian NGO UAnimals said on Wednesday, citing the management of the facility. Photos published on social media, including by the Ukrainian army, show the tragic fate of animals from flood-affected areas.

In the morning, the Ukrainians announced that the Russians had blown up the dam in Nowa Kakhovka. The crossing over the Dnieper River and part of the Kakhovskaya Hydroelectric Power Plant were destroyed, which led to an uncontrolled outflow of water from the Kakhovsky Reservoir and flooding of the towns downstream on both banks, including parts of Kherson.

The zoo “ceased to exist”

The Ukrainian NGO UAnimals reported that the Kazkov Dibrov Zoo in Nova Kakhovka was under water.

“Friends, we have contacted the authorities of the Kazkov Dibrov Zoo. (…) We have been confirmed that the zoo is completely flooded. (…) The man we spoke to said: “We tried our best to protect (this facility) in the conditions of the occupation. Now the zoo has ceased to exist, “said UAnimals on Telegram in charge of the destroyed facility. According to the organization, “almost all the animals died, only ducks and swans survived.”

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Scared animals in the streets

Ukrainian authorities, the military and social media users have been posting photos and videos since the morning showing the fate of animals in the areas that were flooded after the dam was blown up.

It was reported, among other things, that terrified deer appeared near residential buildings, beavers appeared on the streets of Kherson, and swans appeared on the flooded streets of Nova Kakhovka.

Local authorities from the Kherson region appeal to residents not to forget to take their pets with them during the evacuation. On Telegram, you can find videos and photos of police officers rescuing dogs, as well as local civilians trying to protect cows and other livestock from water.

A Ukrainian policeman helps a dog trapped in a flooded area after the destruction of a dam in Nowa Kakhovka ENEX

According to the state of At 15.20 Polish time, over 1.3 thousand people were evacuated on the western bank of the Dnieper River controlled by the authorities in Kiev. people. 13 towns and almost 300 houses are flooded there, the Ukrainian State Service for Emergency Situations (DSNS) announced on Telegram.

Destroyed dam in Nowa KachówkaPLANET LABS PBC/Reuters

The dam in Nowa KachówkaGOOGLE MAPS

Main photo source: Ukrainian Armed Forces/Telegram/ENEX

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