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Ukraine. Destruction of the dam in Nowa Kachówka. The results of the investigation by journalists from the “New York Times”

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The water dam in Nowa Kachówka was designed in such a way as to withstand almost any possible attack from the outside. Evidence suggests Russia blew it up from the inside because the dam had an “Achilles’ heel,” the New York Times wrote, citing its own investigation.

The evidence is getting harder that the dam in Nowa Kakhovka in the south Ukrainewhich collapsed on June 6, was blown up by an explosive placed inside by the party that controls the dam, which is Russia – wrote the “NYT”.

Strong evidence that the foundation was blown

The dam was built during the Soviet era, so Moscow has detailed engineering plans for the facility. At the base of the dam was a huge concrete block. A narrow maintenance passage and gallery ran through it, accessible from the dam’s engine room. Evidence suggests that it was in this passage that the explosive that destroyed the dam was detonated.

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Destroyed dam in Nowa KachówkaReuters

According to the New York Times reporters, this is evidenced by the fact that at 2:35 and 2:54 on June 6, seismic sensors in Ukraine and Romania detected signs of large explosions. Witnesses in the area heard the explosions between 2.15am and 3am, and just before the dam burst, US intelligence satellites picked up infrared heat signals that also indicated an explosion.

Only after a few days did the water flowing through the remains of the dam drop to a level that exposed the upper part of the concrete foundation. It was seen to have suffered structural damage – strong evidence that the foundation had been blown up, say experts interviewed by The New York Times.

Dam in Nowa Kachówka – after destruction (June 16, 2023) MAXAR

“If the goal was to destroy the dam itself, a large explosion would have been needed,” said Michael W. West, a geotechnical engineer and expert in dam safety and accident analysis. “The gallery in the concrete heart of the structure was the perfect place to place the explosive,” he added.

Ihor Strelets, a Ukrainian engineer who was the former deputy water resources manager of the Dnieper River from 2005 to 2018, said that as a Cold War construction project, the foundation of the dam was designed to withstand almost any type of external attack. He stressed that he, too, had come to the conclusion that the explosion in the gallery had destroyed part of the concrete structure, and other fragments had subsequently been ripped out by the force of the water.

– I don’t want my theory to be correct. But this is the only explanation, stressed Strelec and added that the explosion in the gallery may mean that the dam cannot be rebuilt.

The dam in Nowa KachówkaGOOGLE MAPS

An ecological catastrophe that is difficult to estimate

The dam on the Dnieper in Nowa Kakhovka was destroyed on June 6 in the morning. The hydroelectric power station located on it was destroyed. Dozens of towns were flooded. In the Kakhovsky Reservoir, which is crucial for regulating and supplying the region with water, the water level has dropped. The flood, which occurred as a result of the dam’s bursting, caused an ecological catastrophe that is difficult to estimate at the moment.

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Main photo source: Reuters

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