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Ukraine. Dmytro Kułeba for Radio Swoboda: Russia will never have a weak Ukraine again

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Russia’s aggression will end when the West sends a signal to Moscow that Ukraine is not only a country it supports, but that it is part of the Western world, said the head of Ukrainian diplomacy, Dmytro Kuleba, in an interview with Radio Swoboda. – Ukraine will be strong. We have become stronger internally and our partners will help us become even stronger – he added.

According to the minister of foreign affairs, the Western signal should contain the message that “Ukraine will never return to Russia”. – When the West begins to build its policy towards Ukraine not through the prism of relations with Russia, but through the prism of Ukraine as a self-sufficient important part of the West, the situation will be completely different – said Dmytro Kułeba in an interview on Saturday with the Ukrainian section of Radio Swoboda.


– Some countries are already building relations with us as a self-sufficient state, independent of Russia. Unfortunately, there are still countries in Europe that are taking action on Ukraine by looking at Russia. This is their strategic mistake. And we are talking to them about it openly, because partly because of their politics, we are in the same situation as we are now, added the head of Ukrainian diplomacy.

Dmytro Kułeba and Antony Blinken EPA / FOREIGN MINISTRY PRESS SERVICE

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Center for world diplomacy

Kuleba stated that “Kiev is now the center of world diplomacy”. – The world is watching very carefully what is happening here. The world is very careful and honest in consulting Ukraine about its positions. Without us, nothing is happening now. We are fully integrated with all processes – said the minister, referring to the recent visit of the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and US Senators from Congress in the Ukrainian capital. In recent days, Kiev has also been visited by the heads of diplomacy of Germany and Canada, Annalena Baerbock and Melanie Joly.

– These visits are linked to one simple factor. There is an understanding of the level of threat and the readiness of our closest friends in the world to help us – emphasized Kułeba, adding. – They need to know exactly how they can help us. To this end, they come to Kiev.

The head of Ukrainian diplomacy recalled that European leaders, after visiting Kiev, visited other countries with which they consulted on Ukraine.

Blinken: Our common goal is to find a way to de-escalate the conflictReuters

Russian narrative

Kuleba was asked about the Friday meeting in Geneva Antony Blinken with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergeyev Lavrovas well as the words of Lavrov that “the hysteria of the West around Ukraine is aimed, if not provoking force actions by Kiev, then at least sabotaging the Minsk agreements on Donbas by Ukraine”.

– I think it was rhetoric directed at outside observers. Russia continues to create the narrative that “we are good and Ukraine is bad, that Ukraine is a threat.” Nobody, except perhaps some part of Russian society, buys this narrative anymore.

– I officially confirm: Ukraine is not planning any offensive actions in Donbas, Russia or anywhere else. We want to settle the conflict through diplomatic channels. Russia will never again attack Ukraine unawares at its most vulnerable moment, as it was in 2014. Ukraine will be strong. We have become stronger internally and our partners will help us become even stronger. Russia will never have a weak Ukraine again and we will never let it do what it has done to us in the past – emphasized the interlocutor Radio Swoboda.

Main photo source: mil.gov.ua

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