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Ukraine, Druzhkivka, Donetsk region. Mateusz Lachowski’s report from a destroyed housing estate

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In Druzhkivka in the Donetsk region, a rocket, probably a large maneuvering missile, fell on a civilian area. There were no military targets around, only houses and a viaduct. The journalist and documentary filmmaker Mateusz Lachowski was there. – The Russians may say that they are firing at objects related to the military, but here you can see that it was a residential district – he reported.

Journalist and documentalist Mateusz Lachowski, who reports on TVN24 events from Ukraine, is in the Donetsk region. Two days ago, he reported on the events of Drużkiwka, near Kramatorska. – Last night, the Russians shot at this place, the houses. The Russians may say that they are firing at military facilities, but here you can see that it was a residential area. Here the bomb fell, behind me, behind me – he said then, showing the houses destroyed in the area.

The tvn24.pl report: Russia attacks Ukraine

Testimony of Mateusz Lachowski from Drużkiwka (June 6)TVN24

The rocket hit a civilian area. “There are no strategic goals here”

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Now Lachowski has returned to this city. – There’s a big clean-up going on here. From the morning I tried to find out what happened here. This funnel made a great impression on me. He’s very, very big, even for an airplane bomb, ”he said, pointing to the funnel he had seen two days earlier.

Mateusz Lachowski showed the funnel in DrużkiwkaTVN24

Lachowski said that it was probably not – as the residents said – an airplane bomb, but a maneuvering missile. “It could have been some kind of rocket,” he suggested. – Because it did enormous damage all over this street. Pieces of the roof were torn off at a nearby hotel, even though it is a kilometer away, he argued.

– There is a viaduct over the two-lane road nearby. The Russians might have wanted to destroy this viaduct. Fortunately and unfortunately such a price was paid by those people who clean their houses. This missile missed its target but did hit residential homes. These people now have to renovate this street and have lost their possessions – he described. He noted that the inhabitants of many Ukrainian cities and towns are in a similar situation.

Mateusz Lachowski in DrużkiwkaTVN24

When describing the area from which he reported, he pointed out that it was a civil street. – There are no strategic goals here, there was no army here, it couldn’t be. These people certainly did not expect this. Most of the people I have spoken to are shocked and don’t know what to do. At the moment they want to clean up what has been destroyed and see what has survived – he admitted.

He noticed that the people who survived the shelling of this scale were – after all – lucky. – We should remember that people and civilians are dying in Ukraine every day. They die in shelling, in bombing, both from rockets, from bombs, and from Russian artillery. Farmers die in the fields by driving on mines. This is the reality in Donbas he said.

Main photo source: TVN24

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