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Ukraine. EC225 Super Puma helicopter crash – what do we know about the machine?

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18 people died in the helicopter crash in Browary, including members of the leadership of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry. The plane that crashed near Kiev was a French-made EC225 Super Puma, CNN reported. In 2018, under a contract worth over EUR 550 million, the French handed over 21 such helicopters to the Ukrainian services.

The helicopter crashed on Wednesday morning in Brovary, Kiev region, about 20 kilometers from the Ukrainian capital. At least 18 people died, including head of the Ministry of the Interior Ukraine Denys Monastyrski and his first deputy, former deputy foreign minister Yevheni Jenin, and second deputy interior minister Yuri Lubkovych. The incident took place near a kindergarten, four children were among the victims.

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Breweries. EC225 Super Puma helicopter crash

The machine that crashed in Browary belonged to the State Service of Ukraine for Emergency Situations. A CNN program producer who was present at the crash site confirmed that it was a French EC225 Super Puma, a twin-engine helicopter originally manufactured by AĆ©rospatiale and later by Airbus Helicopters. This model appeared on the market in 2004 as the next generation of Super Puma helicopters.

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The Richest.com portal informs that the price of one copy of the top version of this machine is $ 27 million. Industry portals list it among the most expensive helicopters in the world. The detailed description on the portal’s website shows that it is currently the most modern and best equipped structure of this type. “Governments choose it because of its distinctive features, including high cruising speed, low noise and vibration levels, as well as a spacious cabin (…) The cockpit is largely glazed, which ensures good visibility, passengers enter inside through the sliding door” – writes TheRichest.com, adding that the EC225 Super Puma is also willingly used by the heads of large films, e.g. from the fuel industry.

According to the spokesman of the Ukrainian Air Force, Yuri Ignat, the Super Puma helicopters have been at the disposal of the Ukrainian services since 2018. As part of the contract worth over 550 million euros, the French company delivered 21 such machines to the Ukrainians, as well as ten H145 helicopters and 24 H125 helicopters. A dozen or so helicopters went to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, some of them are also used by paramedics (like the one in the photo below – ed.).

EC225 Super Puma helicopter Shutterstock

EC225 Super Puma – technical parameters

The total length of the EC225 Super Puma is over 19 meters, its height is less than 5 meters. During the flight, the machine can accelerate to almost 300 km/h, its standard cruising speed is approx. 270 km/h. The helicopter is operated by one or two pilots, depending on the version, it can take 24 passengers on board (there were nine people on board at the time of the crash). The helicopter engine is equipped with a modern computer control system, the so-called FADEC – Full Authority Digital Engine Control, supervising e.g. operation of the machine gearbox.

Internet users commenting on the event on social media remind that this is not the first disaster involving this machine. In 2016, an EC225 Super Puma helicopter crashed in Norway13 people were killed then. As Reuters reported two years later, the commission investigating the accident determined that the cause was excessive wear of the gearbox.

Disaster in Browary. Zelensky’s condolences

The cause of the catastrophe in Browary is not yet known, it will be the subject of an investigation. President Volodymyr Zelensky said that he had already asked the Security Service of Ukraine, the National Police of Ukraine and other competent bodies to clarify the circumstances of the incident. In a Facebook post He also expressed his condolences to the families and friends of the victimscalling the deceased employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs “true patriots”.

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