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Ukraine. Elite Russian marines not so elite. They suffer huge losses

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Reputed to be elite units of the Russian marines suffered very serious losses in Ukraine. Their status has been severely undermined as they are being supplemented with inexperienced personnel from popular mobilization, the British Ministry of Defense said in a Sunday report.

The daily intelligence update included a photo showing the concentrated losses of Russian military vehicles in the Wuhledar sector of the Donetsk region. As indicated, these vehicles most likely belonged to the 155th Marine Brigade, which was at the forefront of the recent costly Russian offensives.

British department: they were given one of the most difficult tactical missions of the war

“This brigade is seen as an elite infantry unit in the Russian military. Unlike the similarly prestigious Airborne Forces (VDV), the Marines have not been deployed in Ukraine as one large formation. Instead, individual units were attached to army groups dominated by ground forces. As a result, the Marine Corps received some of the toughest tactical missions of the war and suffered an exceptional number of casualties.

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“The supposedly enhanced capability of the Marine brigades has now almost certainly been severely curtailed as they have been supplemented by inexperienced personnel from popular mobilization. This inexperience almost certainly exacerbates the micromanagement propensity of Russian officers, which in turn reduces operational efficiency. There is a real possibility that the degraded Marine units will be re-engaged for new attacks near Wuhledar.”

Main photo source: Vladimir Prycek/CTK/PAP

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