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Ukraine faces a worst-case scenario. It will be worst in winter

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Ukrainians are struggling with increasingly longer power outages. In the words of the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky Russia destroyed half of the electricity generation capacity the end.

It is already in force in Kiev eight-hour break – from 15:00 to 23:00, which is intended to maintain critical infrastructure. However, it is a huge inconvenience for the Ukrainian capital, inhabited by almost three million people.

Ukraine cut off from electricity. The consequences will be serious

Families with small children or people with disabilities living on the top floors of apartment blocks have been left without working elevators, forcing them to to climb dozens of flights of stairs.

Another problem is, for example, the fact that when the power is restored, people often immediately turn on electrical appliances at the same time, which causes frequent fires.

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Ukraine buys energy from European Union, but this is not enough. The situation does not look like it will improve, especially when residents come here in the summer they will need cooling in the form of air conditioning or even a working windmill.

“If Russia continues to attack power plants, the worst-case scenario is that Ukrainians will attack them in winter they can spend up to 20 hours a day without electricity and heating” – forecasts the largest Ukrainian private energy company DTEK, answering questions from the BBC.

This is partly due to the fact that Ukrainian thermal and hydroelectric power plants are difficult and expensive to repair. – Some will take years to repair, and others may never be restored to service – said Maria Tsaturian from Ukrenergo, the Ukrainian national energy operator, in an interview with the British broadcaster.

Ukraine and blackouts. “We have to get used to it”

Let us remind you that in order to reduce power shortages, Ukraine imports record amounts of energy from Romania, Slovakia i Polish. Stabilization of this situation will most likely take time at least two years.

– We must be prepared for everyday failures, which will become the norm for us, not a critical situation. Honestly, all we can do is get used to it – said the head of the Kiev Energy Research Center Oleksandr Kharchenko.

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