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Ukraine. Grain exports through the Danube river ports have started

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Sixteen cargo ships have already passed through the Bystre estuary on the Danube to collect grain from the Ukrainian river ports for export, informed Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Yury Vashkov. On Wednesday in Istanbul, talks will be held by military delegations from Turkey, Ukraine and Russia on unblocking grain exports from Ukraine through the Black Sea.

“In the last four days, 16 ships passed through the Bystre estuary,” Vashkov wrote in a press release. “We plan to keep this pace.”

Ukraine. Grain exports through the Danube river ports have started

The ministry explained that 16 ships are now waiting for the loading of Ukrainian grain at the Danube river ports in the cities of Izmail and Reni, the use of which became possible thanks to the recovery by the Ukrainians of the Snake Island, lying opposite the mouth of the Bystre.

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As Reuters writes, 90 more ships are waiting for their turn in the Romanian Sulina Channel. Up to now four ships could pass that way a day, but Ukraine negotiates with Romania the possibility of increasing this capacity to eight units a day.

If this condition is met, Kyiv expects the queue of ships to be unloaded within a week, and monthly Ukrainian grain exports will increase by 500,000. tone.

Loading of grain in the port of Odessa (2021) – illustrative photoElena Larina / Shutterstock

The ministry said Ukrainian seaports handled around 80 percent of agricultural exports before the war began, but now, due to the Russian blockade in the Black Sea, these exports are now restricted to Danube ports, railroads and land roads.

At the end of June, Ukraine’s Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Taras Vysotsky, informed that the Russians had stolen more than 25 percent from the occupied territories of Ukraine. grain resources, or about 400 thousand. tonnes from 1.5 million tonnes collected before the invasion began. There have also been reports that Russians are sending 30 to 50 grain trucks a day from Melitopol in the south of the country.

Meeting in Istanbul

On Tuesday, the Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar announced that on Wednesday in Istanbul there will be talks between military delegations and TurkeyUkraine and Russia on the unblocking of grain exports from Ukraine via the Black Sea; a representative will take part in the negotiations The United Nations.

As stated by the Turkish Defense Ministry, the organization of this meeting was preceded by a visit by representatives of the ministry to Moscow, and then by talks with the Ukrainian delegation in Ankara. Akar also spoke with his counterparts in Ukraine and Russia, Oleksiy Reznikov and Sergey Shoygu. – After all these (preparations), delegations from Turkey, Ukraine, Russia and the United Nations will meet in Istanbul on Wednesday and discuss the issue of safe transfer of grain deposited in Ukrainian ports to international markets, Akar announced.

Ukraine is one of the world’s largest exporters of grain, mainly by sea. Millions of tons of grain are currently stored in ports on the Black Sea coast blocked by Russian ships.

Main photo source: Elena Larina / Shutterstock

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