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Ukraine has published a video of the interrogation of Russians. They talked about the situation in the army

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The Ukrainian 3rd Assault Brigade published a video from interrogations captured by the unit on various sections of the front Russian soldiers.

Ukraine released a recording of the interrogation of Russian soldiers. “Once they send, there is no turning back”

One of the military men said that on television in Russia there is talk of the alleged treatment of Ukrainian soldiers as “cannon fodder”.

– Actually such attacks are carried out by our side, the Russian side – declared the fighter. – I saw it literally 70 of us escaped, and after a few hours nine were left alive. They throw us like meat, that's all,” he continued.

According to the Russian, it is not known why this is happening. He added that Russian military officials who they hold officer ranks, but in fact they are not officers.

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Another of the captured soldiers said that when at the front he received an order to send for an assault, “there is no turning back”. He reported on the situation of gaining a foothold in new positions. – If there was a withdrawal, we could face barrier units – he said.

The Russians couldn't answer the question. Many lowered their heads

The Russian complained about the Russian army because he was not allowed to take leaveand some wages were not paid and uniforms and equipment were not provided. The military official said that the Russian army is divided into units in which “everything is fine” and those that have “many problems.”

Most of the captured soldiers could not answer what it was “Russian peace” according to Moscowand when asked who they are fighting, many lowered their heads.

“It turns out it's against you,” one of the occupiers finally said. He said that Russia was at war with Ukraineand the Russian military is “enslaved people”. Another of the occupiers said that if they did not comply with the order, they could expect to be shot.

Russians about the situation on the front. “Listen to those who managed to come back”

The captured Russians unanimously claimed that a “special military operation” was underway in Ukraine. Only one of them admitted that it was Russia that attacked its neighbor. At the same time, the military does not consider itself an aggressor. He claims that the invaders are “mobilized people who came involuntarily” and that they were told that they would serve in territorial defense or in the rear to relieve the burden on mercenaries or the regular army.

When asked what they wanted to tell people who wanted to sign a contract or join the Russian army, they said that those willing “should think carefully about what to do.” – Let them listen to those who managed to return from the front – said one of the soldiers. Another said it was better to stay at home.

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