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Ukraine. Human rights ombudsman Dmytro Łubinets: Russians detain and torture a Spanish volunteer

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The Russian occupiers are illegally detaining a Spanish volunteer in the detention center in Simferopol in the annexed Crimea, Ukrainian human rights ombudsman Dmytro Lubinets said. Mariano Garcia, 75, is being tortured, he added.

A former cellmate of a Spanish volunteer said that Mariano Garcia was being tortured by Russian security officers, Łubinec reported on the Telegram channel. “He has bruises on his legs from the blows, he lost some of his teeth and was brutally treated by prison staff. His body is covered with scars,” wrote a Ukrainian spokesman human rights.

So far, neither the Spanish consul, who was not notified of the citizen’s detention, has been allowed to see the prisoner Spainnor a lawyer.

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Łubinets appealed for the immediate release of the Spaniard and all civilian citizens Ukrainewho, according to the Geneva Convention, “shall not be imprisoned on fabricated charges in places of deprivation of liberty” in Russia and on the territory of Ukraine, which is not under the control of the authorities in Kiev.

Mariano Garciat.me/dmytro_lubinetzs

Confirmation received after one year

On Friday, the Spanish diplomatic service reported that Garcia, who had been living in Ukraine for eight years and working as a humanitarian volunteer on the territory of the country, was abducted by the Russians in March this year and placed in one of the prisons in the Russian-annexed Crimea.

It took more than a year for the Spanish embassy in Kiev to receive confirmation from the Russian authorities that Garcia was among the detainees on the peninsula. The information from the Russian authorities is the first official confirmation of the fate of the Spanish volunteer who was detained on March 19 last year in Kherson, southern Ukraine, and then taken by Russian troops to the Crimea.

In a letter addressed to the Spanish authorities, the Russian military prosecutor’s office wrote that Garcia was considered a “foreign agent” and for this reason he was placed in prison. The Russian side wrote that a Spanish citizen was supposed to “undertake actions hostile to the Russian Federation” during the so-called special operation (propaganda term for an armed invasion) in Ukraine.

Main photo source: t.me/dmytro_lubinetzs

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