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Ukraine-Hungary. Budapest's tough demands. “They are contrary to the interests of Kiev”

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During Thursday's European Council summit, in which he participates President Volodymyr Zelenskya meeting between the head of state and the Hungarian prime minister took place.

Viktor Orban himself approached Zelensky and shook his hand. A recording of the politicians' conversation has appeared on the Internet – you can't hear what they're talking about, but you can see what they're talking about the discussion between the head of government and the president was “emotional” – emphasizes Ukrainian Truth.

Relations between Hungary and Ukraine remain tense.

Ukraine-Hungary. Budapest makes demands on Kiev. It's about the national minority

According to information from “Europejska Pravda” Budapest's demands regarding the situation in Zakarpattia were sent to Kiev in January. The topic of the letter is providing the Hungarian minority in the region with extensive rights and autonomous guaranteesand part of the region's territory would be recognized as “traditionally Hungarian”.

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The media revealed all 11 points, under which Viktor Orban's cabinet turned to the government of Ukraine. However, many of the conditions require far-reaching changes.

One of the most important items on the list is establishment in Ukraine “national minority schools” with the possibility of teaching Hungarian.

Kiev is expected to be ready for negotiations on this matter, however only in the case of institutions where “teaching Hungarian accounts for 75% or more of classes” – Budapest, on the other hand, demands that the school must have such a status as a condition for establishing such a status at least one Hungarian class. The implementation of this point will determine whether the right to choose will also be introduced Hungarian as a language of instruction at universities.

It is also supposed to be controversial assurance requirement Hungarians representation in parliament, as well as enabling political campaigns to be conducted in Hungarian. “European Truth” calls this point “absurd”because it would require reform of the electoral system to the Verkhovna Rada. The newspaper claims that the Hungarians are considering withdrawing from this element.

Instead, it was canceled demands for autonomy, but Budapest still expects the minority to be able to celebrate Hungarian public holidays and use national symbols of Hungary.

Orban sets conditions for Zelensky. “A compromise is possible”

Hungarians also demand, among other things, that minority representatives could use Hungarian throughout their education, as well as during cultural events, local office sessions, and in image creation, e.g. in advertisements. Here – according to “European Truth” – both sides are close to achieving it a compromise.

An agreement has already been concluded in writing down the content of tasks in the Ukrainian Matura exam in a bilingual formas well as being covered by new regulations not entire communes, but only individual towns so that – even if only a small part of the local population is a minority – in a given center there was a law favorable to Hungarians. Compromise is also possible in establishment bilingual place names.

All regulations – as expected by Budapest – would remain in force in the areas of Transcarpathiawhere Hungarians constitute only one tenth of the inhabitants. For “traditionally” Hungarian those places where there is a minority would be recognized 10 proc. population – areas with a “significant number” of minorities would in turn include those where Hungarians constitute a minority more than 15 percent inhabitants.

Hungary attacks Ukraine. “Kyiv limits minority rights”

December 14, 2023 European Council agreed to start accession negotiations with Kiev. However, the decision has been made without the participation of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who left the meeting room because he stated that “Ukraine's membership in the EU is a bad decision.”

Hungary's 11-point demand list it has a connection with Ukraine's accession process. Before a given country joins the Community, it is obliged to: settling any controversial issues, especially border ones as well relations with member states. In order to limit the Hungarian opposition, the Ukrainian deputy prime minister and head of the team for integration with the EU said then that her country would “sincerely committed to resolving and fully implementing the 11 problematic issues raised by the Hungarian side in order to strengthen the protection of the rights of national minorities.

In January 2024, the Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs visited the border areas Peter Szijjartowho met his Ukrainian counterpart there Dmytro Kuleba and the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Andrije Jermaki. Even then, the representative of Budapest openly said that the current Ukrainian law “restricts minority rights, which is prohibited by the Constitution of Ukraine and international norms.”

On Monday, July 1st Hungary takes over the presidency of Council of the European Union – this is an opportunity for Budapest to be even more effective push through their demands towards Kiev.

Sources: “European Truth”, Ukrainian Truth

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