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Ukraine – Hungary. Hungary has decided to temporarily ban agricultural imports from Ukraine

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Hungary temporarily blocked imports of Ukrainian grain, oilseeds and some other agricultural products to protect its domestic market. This information was provided by the Hungarian Minister of Agriculture Istvan Nagy. Poland also introduced a temporary ban.

On Saturday, the Polish government’s regulation on the ban on the import of z Ukraine agricultural products. The long list of products includes cereals, milk, eggs and meat. The ban will remain in effect until June 30. The nationalist government of the prime minister also joined the ban, Reuters reported Hungarian Viktor Obran.

Hungary temporarily bans the import of goods from Ukraine

– The government is obliged to represent the interests of Hungarian farmers and in the absence of significant measures from the EU, it will temporarily prohibit imports to Hungary of grain and oilseeds from Ukraine, as well as several other agricultural products, as Poland did – said the Minister of Agriculture Istvan Nagy, whose quotes the portal The Kyiv Independent.

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The minister emphasized that the restriction on imports to Hungary is temporary and will last until June 30, 2023, as in the case of Poland. This is supposed to be enough time for the EU to take meaningful and sustainable action to find a permanent solution, including reconsidering the duty-free import of Ukrainian goods and the functioning of the so-called “Solidarity belts” to ensure Ukraine’s ability to export grain.

The EU established solidarity belts to help Ukraine export agricultural goods after the invasion Russia to Ukraine and the blockade of Ukrainian seaports.

Ukraine proposes a new memorandum

Minister of Agricultural and Food Policy of Ukraine Mykola Solski reacted to the decision made by Poland on a temporary ban on imports of many products from Ukraine. He said that “there have been some changes in Poland” for which the Ukrainians are “sorry”.

His ministry later proposed to agree on a new memorandum on cooperation, emphasizing that “the decisions of the Polish side are contrary to our arrangements.”

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