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Ukraine is fighting. The most important events of the last hours

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky talks about the army’s readiness to launch a counter-offensive, and the former CIA director argues that it can “bring significant results”. The invaders shelled, among others, the city of Dnieper, where a rocket damaged a two-story residential building. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has been going on for 466 days. Here are the highlights of the last hours.

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> Volodymyr Zelensky said that Ukraine “is ready to launch a long-awaited counter-offensive and retake Russian-occupied territory.” – We strongly believe in our success. I don’t know how long it will take. In fact, things can go either way. But we will do it, we are ready,” added the Ukrainian president.

> Former director CIAGeneral David Petraeus stated in an interview with “Kiev Independent” that the counter-offensive of the Ukrainian armed forces could produce “significant results, not only on the battlefield, but also in the minds of Ukrainians, Europeans, Americans and others, putting Ukraine on the path to wins”.

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General Petraeus estimated that the war is now approaching a turning point. In his opinion, the Russian forces are “significantly depleted. In many cases, they have been fighting continuously for a year or even longer. “The Russian command does not withdraw its units to recreate them after suffering losses. They’re just being joined by poorly trained and equipped new soldiers,” he said.

> On Saturday evening, a rocket explosion destroyed a two-story apartment building near the city of Dnieper (central Ukraine). At least 13 people were injured. Rescue operations are underway, local authorities said.

The effects of a rocket attack in the city of DnieperReuters

The governor of the region, Serhiy Lysak, announced on Telegram that three children aged 6, 11 and 15 were among the wounded. The building, which is located in the settlement of Pidhorodne, has partially collapsed. The rescue operation was hampered by the fire. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky wrote on Telegram that the rocket fell between two buildings. “Unfortunately, there are people under the rubble. Russia has once again proved itself to be a terrorist state,” Zelensky wrote.

> On Sunday morning, Kiev’s air defense systems went into action to repel Russian attacks on the city area, the military administration of the Ukrainian capital reported on Telegram.

Reuters reports, citing witnesses, that numerous explosions were heard in the Kiev area, which could indicate that the attack was being repulsed.

Kyiv. The site of the explosion of a Russian rocket EPA/Sergey Dolzhenko

> Mykola Zhydkov is dead, born in 2001, a football player of the Polish football club Węgrzcanka Węgrzce Wielkie, who in the fall of 2022 put down his traffic jams and returned to his country to fight. “He died defending his homeland,” the Ukrainian defense ministry said.

22-year-old Mykola Zhydkov played for the club Węgrzcanka Węgrzce Wielkie from Małopolska since 2020. His death was announced by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry. “He died defending his homeland,” it was reported. The ministry said that Zhydkov interrupted his sports career in the fall of 2022, when he returned to Ukraine and joined the defense forces.

> There are nine Russian ships in the Black Sea, two of which can be armed with 16 Kalibr cruise missiles, the Ukrainian Navy said in a statement on Saturday.

“There are nine enemy ships on combat duty in the Black Sea, including two carrying Kalibr cruise missiles. The total number of missiles may be 16,” the statement said. There is currently one Russian warship in the Sea of ​​Azov, and seven in the Mediterranean Sea, including one carrying Kalibry (up to four missiles).

Russian ships in the Black Seamil.ru

> Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko saidthat the “only mistake” of Russia and Belarus was that they “did not solve the ‘Ukraine issue’ in 2014-2015, when Ukraine had no army and was not prepared,” Politico quotes the Belarusian dictator.

– The only mistake we made was probably that we did not solve this issue in 2014-2015, when Ukraine did not have an army. We wanted to settle this peacefully. However, they used this time to create combat-ready armed forces, Lukashenko said on Thursday in Minsk during a meeting with the heads of security agencies of the former Soviet bloc countries belonging to the Commonwealth of Independent States. His statement is reported by Politico.

Lukashenko showed himself in publicpresident.gov.by

Main photo source: PAP/ Mykola Kalyeniak

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