Ukraine is fighting. The most important events of the last hours – June 17, 2023


The Russian invasion of Ukraine has been going on for 480 days. The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces reported that the Russians are defending themselves in the Zaporozhye and Kherson directions. The aggressor’s troops unsuccessfully attack in the area of ​​Kupiansk, Lyman, Avdiivka, Bakhmut and Mariinka. The Ukrainian military command also reported that the enemy carried out mortar and artillery fire on 38 towns in the Chernihiv and Kharkiv regions. Here are the highlights of the last hours.

> Ambassador Ukraine in Berlin, Oleksiy Makeev appealed for more support in defense against Russia. – Western support is essential for our survival, he told the Berliner Zeitung. He stressed that “there is no better security guarantee for Ukraine than membership in FOR THISHe called for a clear path to membership for Ukraine. He said that Kiev expects security guarantees similar to those received by Finland and Sweden before joining NATO.

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> Denmark is ready to donate F-16 fighters to Ukraine if other countries also participate in the donation, and United States they will agree to it,” announced Danish Defense Minister Troels Lund Poulsen. “I want to emphasize that I cannot imagine that we would not support Ukraine with fighter jets,” he added.

> In the Zaporozhye and Kherson directions, the Russians are defending themselves. They are attacking unsuccessfully in the area of ​​Kupiansk, Lyman, Avdiivka, Bakhmut and Mariinka, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported. The Ukrainian military command also reported that the enemy carried out mortar and artillery shelling of 38 towns in the Chernihiv and Kharkiv regions

Ukrainian army Ministry of Defense of Ukraine/Facebook

> Main reason arrival of an African delegation in Kiev was the lifting of the arrest warrant for Putin, issued by International Criminal Court – said Mykhailo Podolak, adviser to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, quoted by the Unian portal. He stressed that the only real plan to end the war is the peace formula developed by the Ukrainian president, and the others are different variants of capitulation. He also commented on the shelling of the Ukrainian capital on the day of the delegation’s arrival. “The missile attack on Kiev has undermined the loyalty of many African countries to Russia,” he said.

> In the Kharkiv region, Russian troops fired a Kornet anti-tank missile at a civilian car, the head of the region’s authorities, Oleh Synehubov, informed. A 42-year-old man and a 53-year-old woman were in the car and died on the spot. Syniehubow reported that they were volunteers. The shelling took place on a road near the village of Hurjiw Kozaczok, not far from the border with Russia.

Mission of African leaders in Kiev. Zelensky set a condition for talks with RussiaPAP/Viktor Kovalchuk

> There are currently two Russian warships in the Black Sea, capable of carrying up to 16 Kalibr cruise missiles in total, the Ukrainian Navy announced. The latest missile attack on Ukraine using Kalibr took place on Friday.

> Since the start of the Ukrainian counter-offensive in southern Ukraine, Russia has bolstered its attack helicopter forces in the region, possibly giving it a temporary advantage there, the British Defense Ministry said. As reported in the daily intelligence update, the photos show that more than 20 additional Russian helicopters have been deployed at the Berdyansk airfield, about 100 km behind the front line. “In the constant competition between air and anti-aircraft assets, Russia has probably gained a temporary advantage in southern Ukraine, especially thanks to attack helicopters using longer-range missiles against ground targets,” it said.

Main photo source: Ministry of Defense of Ukraine/Facebook

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