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Ukraine is preparing for a counter-offensive. ITE about the Kremlin’s new instruction for the state media

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The Institute for Research on War in its latest report reports on the Kremlin’s new instruction for state media, which describes how they should cover the announced Ukrainian counter-offensive. ISW also reports that Russia is increasing the production of precision missiles for use against Ukraine.

The Institute of Internal Affairs is analyzing the content of the instructions that, according to independent media, the Kremlin was supposed to issue to the state media. It contains recommendations on how the announced Ukrainian counter-offensive is to be reported. If it is true, it indicates that the Kremlin is preparing both for the possibility of an “effective Russian defense” and to mitigate shocks in the information space in the event of possible successes Ukraine– comments the ISW.

Photo from April 29, 2023.

Ukrainian soldiers in Zaporizhia, Zaporizhia OblastPhoto from April 29, 2023.Reuters

The manual emphasizes that Ukraine receives a lot of support from the West (which is supposed to justify its possible successes) and the recommendation not to “lower expectations” by saying that Ukraine is not ready for a counter-offensive.

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The fact that the Kremlin is preparing such tactics is, according to ISW, “an important adaptation compared to previous Ukrainian counter-offensives in the Kherson and Kharkiv regions, which caused huge shocks and demoralization both in the Russian army and in the information space.”

ISW: Russia plans to increase rocket production

ISW also reports that Russia increases the production of precision missiles for use against Ukraine. Analyzing the statement of the Russian Minister of Defense Sergey Shoigu about the planned increase in the production of these missiles, the think tank points out that it coincided with a change in the rhetoric of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

“It focuses on the use of precision missiles to attack military targets in the Ukrainian hinterland, which is likely to demonstrate Russia’s proactive and positive actions against the backdrop of growing concern in the information space about a potential Ukrainian counter-offensive,” the center’s latest report reads.

Russian armymil.ru CC BY 4.0

The Russian minister said that the Tactical Missile Armaments corporation is starting mass production of missiles and intends to double the current production in a short time. According to ISW, Shoigu’s declarations are probably also intended to refute accusations against the Ministry of Defense regarding insufficient supplies of ammunition to Russian forces.

Shoigu said that the Russian arms industry has increased the pace and scale of production, and maintained that Russian forces have received enough ammunition so far in 2023 to inflict significant losses on Ukraine. He recalls that recently there has been staff turnover in the Russian Ministry of Defense in the field of supply, and some of the so-called Military bloggers and the head of the mercenary Wagner Group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, criticized the ministry for its poor supply of ammunition.

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