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Ukraine. Joe Biden: If Vladimir Putin conquers Ukraine, he won’t stop there

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– If Putin conquers Ukraine, he will not stop there, Joe Biden said on Wednesday. He noted that the capture of Ukraine would put Russia in a position to potentially attack US allies, and such a scenario would mean “American soldiers fighting Russian soldiers,” because Washington would defend its allies. Despite this appeal, the bill to provide $61 billion in aid to Ukraine did not pass the Senate. All Republicans voted against him. Fortunately, this is not the end of opportunities for funds for Kiev.

For the project to pass the Senate, it needed 60 votes in the 100-person chamber, but with the 84th vote cast, the 41st vote was “no”.

Against aid for Ukraine All Republicans voted for the bill in its current form. At the same time, they all supported further work on the act. Thanks to this, the senators’ decision does not mean the final end to the chances of adopting a package of funds for Ukraine.

Most Republicans want to force Democrats to include far-reaching restrictions on asylum policy and continue building a fence on the border with Mexico.

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However, there is not much time to adopt the appropriate bill before the end of the year, because the House of Representatives begins its Christmas break on December 14.

The rejected project assumed the adoption of $111 billion in budget expenditure for aid to Ukraine (61 billion), IsraelTaiwan and other Indo-Pacific countries, as well as to strengthen border protection and fight fentanyl trafficking.

Biden’s appeal

Washington’s inability to provide additional aid to Ukraine works to Putin’s advantage – he said a few hours earlier, before the vote, Joe Bidenreferring to the position of Republican congressmen who have rejected all previous proposals for an agreement on this aid.

– The whole world is watching what they will do United States as part of assistance to Ukraine, the president added. He emphasized that it is not known what other countries will do for Ukraine if the US does not rise to the challenge. Financial support for Kiev “cannot wait any longer,” and the failure of a proposal on this matter in a vote in the House of Representatives would be “the best gift for Putin,” the president said.

As Reuters quotes Joe Biden, he said that “if Putin takes Ukraine, he won’t stop there.” Russia will then face the possibility of attacking a US ally in NATO, which would mean – as the president said – “American soldiers fighting Russian soldiers.” – We cannot let Putin win – he emphasized, noting that the Americans would defend every inch of NATO land.

– I call on Congress to stand on the side of freedom, Biden appealed before the next vote in the House of Representatives on funds for Ukraine.

In the same spirit as Biden, he previously said in response to questions from “Fakty” TVN correspondent in Washington, Marcin Wrona, US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby.

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Joe Biden also announced that he would seek a compromise with Republicans in the House of Representatives, who are demanding additional funds to secure the southern border of the United States, in order to obtain their acceptance of an increase in the aid package for Kiev.

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