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Ukraine. Journalist on the role of the media during the Russian invasion: the war changed everything

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Our television, like any other in Ukraine, is now operating in war mode. All the projects we have now work differently – said the journalist of the Ukrainian TV station 1+1 Anton Pshecznyj, who in an interview with TVN24 replied about how the work of the media in Ukraine has changed since the Russian invasion. – The war changed everyone, television too. It won’t be like before, he said.

– Our TV, like any other in Ukraine, now works in war mode. All the projects we have now work differently, reported the journalist of the Ukrainian station 1+1. Anton Pszecznyj talked about the breakfast program he co-created, which changed its character after the Russian invasion. – It’s not an entertaining morning show anymore. Now we want to show people, stories of those who help. We talk a lot about those who seek help, but also about charity. Our work looks different, but we haven’t interrupted it even for a day. We still work seven days a week. What’s more, before the program lasted three hours, and now even four. Every day, he added.

– We talk a lot now, for example, about psychology, how to adapt to these conditions, how to survive. Now we have one more topic – power outage. We advise how to properly use gas burners, generators and other equipment – he reported. – Will we return to the so-called everyday topics? Until our victory, certainly not, but even after the victory we will talk about the war in addition to the usual topics. The war changed everyone, television too. It won’t be like before,” he said.

Anton PszenycznyTVN24

Pshenyshnyj also told about his first visit to his native Zaporizhia since the outbreak of the war. – We came up with a project in which five journalists go to their hometowns. I was one of them. The first thing I noticed – Zaporozhye saves electricity. And he can do it very effectively. The city is in darkness, you can’t see anything. This is very unusual, because I remember Zaporizhia as a large city that is very well lit – he said.

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– No matter what the weather or season was, there were always a lot of people walking around. Now it’s gone. And what is most noticeable is the destruction in the very center, buildings destroyed by Russian rockets. It was very difficult to go there and see it. I remember this city looking completely different – he recalled.

Main photo source: TVN24

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