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Ukraine. Kiev is at risk of a measles epidemic, 9 out of 10 children will fall ill after contact with the virus

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A “huge increase” in measles cases has been observed in Kiev. Romania, neighboring Ukraine, announced an epidemic of this disease in early December. “We must do everything in our power to prevent a measles epidemic like the one that occurred in 2018,” urges the Kyiv health department. The Kiev authorities encourage parents to vaccinate their children and inform that the Ukrainian capital is at risk of an epidemic outbreak.

The Ukrainian capital is at risk of a measles epidemic, children should be vaccinated as soon as possible, there are enough vaccines, the Kiev city authorities announced on their website on Monday.

“We must do everything in our power to prevent an outbreak of a measles epidemic like the one that occurred in 2018,” said the directorate of the Department of Health of the Kyiv City State Administration, emphasizing that the number of cases is increasing.

No figures were provided, but it was emphasized that there is currently a “huge increase” in measles cases, which is repeated every 5-6 years, and the authorities of the neighboring Romania in early December they announced a measles epidemic.

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Measles is a viral infectious disease

Measles is a viral infectious diseaseMeasles is a viral infectious diseaseweather

Free vaccinations for children. Appeal to parents

It was recalled that vaccination remains the only effective means of protection against measles, which is one of the most infectious diseases in the world. Out of 10 unvaccinated people who come into contact with a sick person, nine will get sick.

“We must understand that measles outbreaks are caused by unvaccinated children. The disease begins with them and only then spreads to adults. That is why we are appealing primarily to parents. Contact your pediatrician or family doctor now to make sure that your child is vaccinated,” the Kiev city authorities appeal, adding that the vaccination is free.

“Measles is a very dangerous disease. It causes dangerous complications that can lead to death. Vaccinated children have a very small chance of getting sick, and if they do get sick, it is mild, without consequences for their health and future life. Only two steps – consultation with a doctor and vaccination in accordance with the vaccination schedule – will guarantee the safety of the child, family and other people,” the Kiev authorities appeal.

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