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Ukraine. Kiev. Vital Shishou, a Belarusian activist, was found dead in the park, informed Kiev police.

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The body of the Belarusian activist Vital Shishou was found in a park in Kiev, Ukrainian police said. The man was missing the day before. – This is very disturbing information – said Marcin Przydacz, the deputy head of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs on TVN24. As he added, “no Belarusian opposition activist, be it at home or abroad, can ever be completely calm.”

“The Belarusian citizen Vital Szyszou, who went missing in Kiev yesterday, was found today hanged in one of the parks in Kiev, not far from where he lived,” said the Kiev police in a statement. The officers secured the victim’s phone and personal belongings on the spot.


The full picture of the events will be established after interrogating the witnesses, analyzing the surveillance camera recordings and conducting expert opinions and investigative experiments – the police noted. She appealed to everyone who knew Shishou for information on the last weeks of his life, his emotional state, possible threats.

The body of a Belarusian activist, Vital Shishou, was found in a park in Kiev on Tuesdayt.me/beldomua

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He went out for a run and didn’t come back

The day before, the organization Belarusian House in Ukraine, helping Belarusians fleeing from their homeland from persecution, reported that Shishou, who is its boss, has gone missing. As stated, the man most likely went out for a jog in the morning (no sports clothes were found at home) and did not come back.

It was impossible to call his phone number and there were a few silent calls on the camera. The device did not have location tracking (Google account) enabled, the organization said. Szyszou’s partner reported him missing. Police dogs were involved in the search.

An investigation under an article of the Criminal Code regarding the murder was initiated in the case. Police stressed that they would check all versions, including the version of the murder, which appeared to be suicide.

There is no doubt that this is an operation planned by the Chekists aimed at the liquidation of a truly dangerous Belarusian for the regime. We will fight for the truth about Vital’s death!

Wital Szyszou – how he died

According to the Ukrainian editorial office of the BBC, Szyszou was 26 years old. He left for Ukraine in the fall of 2020 after participating in the post-election protests in Belarusian Gomel. Yuriy Shchuchko of the Belarusian House, who participated in the search, told Current Time that there were signs of beating on Szyszou’s face. He added that in recent days Szyszou “suspected something” and asked to take care of his relatives if something happened to him.

– It’s an old pattern. A hanged man with a beating mark on his face. Nothing was lost, said Current Time. According to him, active members of the Belarusian House had received information that “people from special forces and other units of Belarus were coming to Ukraine to liquidate them physically”. – Including such information came from the Security Service of Ukraine. They said we should be more careful, because there is a network of KGB agents in Belarus and everything is possible – pointed out Shchuchko.

Shishou’s friends said that he previously noticed that he was being followed while running, and that suspicious people approached him and his girlfriends and tried to talk to them.

Belarusian House in Ukraine on Shishou’s death: operation planned by the Chekists

“There is no doubt that this is an operation planned by the Chekists to eliminate a truly dangerous Belarusian for the regime. We will fight for the truth about Vital’s death!” – the Belarusian House organization wrote on Telegram on Tuesday. As added in the entry, Szyszou was followed and the police were informed about it. “We were also frequently warned by both local sources and our people in Belarus about various provocations, including kidnappings and liquidations” – emphasized.

On Tuesday evening, in front of the Belarusian embassy in Kiev, a memorial campaign for Szyszou is to take place.

It is clear that no activist, opposition activist, whether in Belarus or elsewhere, can really be completely calm. We in Poland are aware of this, therefore we make every possible effort to ensure that those who are on Polish territory feel safe. And they are safe

Incidentally: he’s awake

On Tuesday, the Polish Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Marcin Przydacz, was asked about the death of the Belarusian activist on TVN24. “This is very disturbing information,” he said. Without prejudging the cause of Belarusian death, Przydacz added that “it is clear that no activist, opposition activist, whether in Belarus or in other countries, can never be completely calm. make every possible effort to ensure that those who are on the territory of Poland feel safe and safe, assured the deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He also admitted that “there are forces to the east of our border that would very much like to take advantage of such situations.” – Hostile, hostile forces, we are talking here about special services of countries that are not allied to NATO. They are very active everywhere, in fact – Przydacz said. He recalled the poisoning attempt by Russian agents of Sergei Skripal in London, the Kremlin-ordered murder of a former Georgian special forces commando and veteran of the war in Chechnya in Berlin, as well as attacks by Russian services in the Czech Republic and Bulgaria.

– All European Union and NATO countries are in some sense endangered by this type of activity. In Poland, on the other hand, all our actions are aimed at preventing this type of provocation, in order to secure the functioning of those people who are on Polish territory and to protect, above all, Polish women and Poles – said Przydacz. But he added, “Licho is awake.”

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Main photo source: t.me/beldomua

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