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Ukraine. Marek Praw and Róża Thun about scholzing and support for Ukraine from Germany

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Germans panic when something needs to be changed, former Polish ambassador in Berlin, Marek Praw, assessed in “Fakty po Faktach”, commenting on the attitude of the Germans towards the war in Ukraine and providing it with military support. At the same time, he pointed out that “there are important reasons for a certain difference in Germany’s assessment of what is happening.” He also spoke of scholzing, a new term coined in the context of Berlin’s positions on the invasion. MEP Róża Thun stressed that “Ukrainians are dying for our values”. “They give life, we must give weapons,” she added.

Róża Thun, MEP from Poland 2050 and former Polish ambassador in GermanySweden and the European Union, and the former director of the European Commission Representation in Poland, Marek Praw, talked in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24 about Ukraine and the war situation.

The diplomat spoke, among other things, about the attitude of Germany towards the invasion, providing military support to Ukraine and the mentality of the society in this country. The well-known British historian and commentator Timothy Garton Ash popularized the term sholzing in this context, which is explained as communicating good intentions to find a reason to delay or abandon them.

“I am afraid of German fear,” said Pravda. He said that “in German fear is ‘angst’, and that is the ironic expression in the West, especially in Anglo-Saxon literature: ‘german angst'”. – It’s not just about fear. (But) this kind of inventing obstacles or inventing fears by people who are satiated, and it leads to self-impairment of making decisions or telling yourself how much you will struggle, he explained. In his opinion, “Germany panics when something needs to be changed” and this has been observed in recent months.

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– Scholzing is a kind of efflorescence of this german angst – he assessed. At the same time, he said that “this does not mean that a concessionary tariff should be applied, but that he notices breaking out of this panic, from this time of hysterical reaction to all adversities”.

– Of course, we all know that there are important reasons for a certain difference in the Germans’ assessment of what is happening and they had to break a lot of taboos and (German Chancellor Olaf – ed.) Scholz on the plus side has the fact that in the end these few He took obstacles (passed – editor’s note) and now has the majority of society on his side – added the diplomat.

Marek Pravda: I am afraid of German fearTVN24

Thun: they give life, we must give weapons

Thun, on the other hand, talked about President Volodymyr Zlensky’s visit to Brussels on Thursday and about support for Kiev from the West.

– If politicians, I am thinking specifically about France and Germany, they do not react quickly enough, they do not send these weapons fast enough, it is certainly because they are afraid of opinions in their country, they are afraid of voters. those voters European parliament it can certainly be positive and help them understand that this is our common war, she argued. – In the sense that Ukrainians are dying for our values, they really defend us and our entire European civilization against this Russian attack – she explained.

“They give life, we must give weapons,” Thun added.

Thun about sending military aid to Ukraine

Thun about sending military aid to UkraineTVN24

Main photo source: TVN24

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