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Ukraine. Massive Russian attack on Ukraine. The target is energy facilities

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The Russian army attacked Ukraine on the night from Thursday to Friday, using 60 Shahed drones and 39 missiles. The target was energy facilities. In the central and western parts of the country, thermal power plants and hydroelectric power plants were damaged. The attack lasted almost nine hours.

Energy Minister Herman Halushchenko announced on Friday morning that the Russians attacked energy facilities in, among others, the Dnipropetrovsk, Poltava and Cherkasy oblasts. – The targets of the drone and missile attacks were, in particular, electricity generating plants. Rescue teams are working to eliminate the damage, said the head of the ministry.

The Ukrenerho concern reported that “hydroelectric power plants and thermal power plants in the central and western parts of the country were damaged in night raids.” Emergency shutdowns of electricity supplies were implemented in the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast located in southeastern Ukraine.

The largest private energy producer in Ukraine, DTEK, announced that Russia's targets included three of its thermal power plants. “The equipment was seriously damaged. When the attack stopped, engineers immediately started repair work,” the company said.

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Triple alarm in Kiev

According to the tsn.ua portal in Kiev, the air alarm was announced three times and lasted almost all night. The capital's authorities announced on Friday morning that there were no hits on civilian objects or critical infrastructure. There were also no casualties.

In many regions of Ukraine, the alarm was announced on Thursday evening. Enemy drones were moving to the west of the country: explosions were heard in the Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk regions. The Ukrainian Air Force warned about the launch of missiles from Tu-95 bombers. The Lviv authorities announced that hypersonic Kindzhals were flying towards the region, the nv.ua portal reported.

84 targets shot down

Ukrainian air defense reported that on the night from Thursday to Friday it “destroyed 84 enemy air targets”: 58 drones, 17 Kh-101 and Kh-555 cruise missiles, five Kh-59 guided missiles and four Iskander missiles.

“The enemy carried out a powerful missile and air attack on facilities in the fuel and energy sector of Ukraine, using various types of missiles and attacking combat drones. A total of 99 types of anti-aircraft weapons were used for defense,” wrote Air Force Commander Mykola Oleschuk on the Telegram channel .

The Russian army fired 60 Shahed drones and 39 missiles. They were launched, among others, from the annexed Crimea and the Belgorod Oblast in Russia.

Fire from artillery launchers and mortars

On Thursday, Russian forces also launched a massive attack on the Kharkiv, Kherson and Donetsk oblasts in eastern and southern Ukraine. The regions were shelled by artillery and mortars. Four people died and 19 were injured.

In the Kharkiv region, 20 towns were shelled from artillery launchers and mortars, and an air attack was carried out on the towns of Kupyansk and Volchansk and the Borova settlement, Oleg Synehubov, the head of the administration of the Kharkiv region, said on the Telegram channel.

The target of the enemy's attack in the Kherson Oblast was 13 towns in the region, including: the town of Beryslav – reported the head of the regional authorities, Oleksandr Prokudin, on social media.

The town of Hirnyk in the Donetsk Oblast was shelled PAP/EPA

Main photo source: Reuters

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