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Ukraine may use American weapons against targets in Russia. The US sets a condition

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White House commented on the reports about partial lifting of the ban using weapons donated by the US to Ukraine for strikes outside its own territory.

– The president recently directed his team to ensure Ukraine can use it US-supplied weapons for anti-fire purposes in Kharkiv Oblastso that Ukraine can respond to Russian forces that are attacking it or preparing to attack it, the official confirmed.

Ukraine may use American weapons in the Kharkiv region. The US confirms

He added that “the policy regarding banning the use of ATACMS or long-range strikes in Russia has not changed“ATACMS are ballistic missiles fired from the HIMARS launcher range 300 km.

The decision made by Biden is significant change in an approach that has been ongoing since the beginning of the war. It came after weeks of intense lobbying by Ukrainians, Congressional politicians of both parties and international leaders, including the Secretary General of NATO. Jens Stoltenberg.

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Ukrainians argued, among others: that the ban did not allow them to attack those gathering near the border with Ukraine Russian troops preparing for an offensive on Kharkov. They also pointed out that the bombing of civilian targets – such as the recent destruction of a shopping center in Kharkov – is carried out by planes taking off from air bases within the range of ATACMS missiles.

USA. Joe Biden fears a Ukrainian attack inside Russia

Ukrainian attacks inside Russia from the beginning caused concern in Washingtonwho was afraid of the escalation and destabilization of the situation.

American officials criticized, among others, attacks on Russian refineries and, more recently, on early warning radars against nuclear attacks. However, these attacks were carried out using indigenous weapons Ukrainian drones and missiles.

Last year, President Biden, when asked why he did not want to agree to supply ATACMS missiles to Ukraine, argued that if Ukraine will use them to attack inside Russiathis will trigger World War III.

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