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Ukraine. Media: Russia has developed instructions in the event of an attack by Ukrainian drones during the parade in Moscow on May 9

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The Ukrainian portal Obozrevatel, citing its own sources in the law enforcement structures, reported that Russian electronic warfare units received instructions on how to proceed in the event of an attack by Ukrainian drones. According to the leaked materials, more than 40 tanks will be presented during the parade in Moscow.

Russian electronic warfare units have received instructions on what to do in the event of an attack by Ukrainian drones during the traditional parade to mark the end of World War II, planned for May 9 on Red Square in Moscow, the Ukrainian portal Obozrevatel reported, citing its own sources in the power structures.

The editors of the website received copies of classified Russian military documents, which describe the operating procedures and methods of notification in the event of detection of hostile UAVs.

Commanders from Russia they especially emphasize that such cases should always be reported to the Federal Security Service (FSB).

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Preparations for the parade in Moscow

The disclosed materials show that over 40 tanks will be presented during the parade in Moscow, including 12 T-72, T-80 and T-90 machines each, as well as five modern T-14 Armata vehicles, 10 Msta-S self-propelled howitzers, eight Iskander missile launchers, eight S-400 air defense systems, and about 100 different armored vehicles .

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As the independent Russian portal Meduza wrote on Monday, only one foreign leader will take part in this year’s parade, President Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Japarov.

Canceled parades in regions bordering Ukraine

This year, there will be no military parades on May 9. in bordering with Ukraine Kursk and Belgorod Oblasts and in the annexed Crimea.

Officially, these events were canceled for security reasons, due to Russia’s war against Ukraine. However, many commentators believe that the Russian army is short of tanks and therefore do not want to reveal the scale of losses suffered during the invasion of a neighboring country.

In Moscow and other cities, this year’s marches of remembrance of the so-called Immortal Regiment of the “Great Patriotic War”, that is, World War II.

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