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Ukraine. Media: Russian General Alexander Tatarenko was killed in an attack on the Belbek airport in Crimea

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Ukrainian media reported that as a result of the attack on the Russian Belbek military airport in the annexed Crimea, the commander of the air squadron, General Alexander Tatarenko, was killed. These reports have not been officially confirmed in either Moscow or Kiev.

The media in Kiev refer to entries that appeared on Russian propaganda Telegram channels, writing that as a result of Thursday’s attack on the Belbek military airport near Sevastopol The Russian commander of the air squadron, General Alexander Tatarenkov, and nine soldiers were killed.

Two Ukrainian rockets were supposed to hit the command post of the 38th Fighter Regiment, another attacked a communications unit.

According to Russian channels on Telegram, which is also referred to by the advisor to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ukraine Anton Herashchenko, the Ukrainian armed forces fired cruise missiles along unexpected routes for the Russians: most of them were supposed to fly close over the surface of the Black Sea.

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Pilot 1st Class

Alexander Tatarenko is a 63-year-old Russian military commander, military pilot 1st class, who in 2016 was appointed commander of the 14th Aviation and Air Defense Army of the Central Military District Russia. Tatarenko served in the Far East, the Urals, Siberia and the northern regions of the Russian Federation. He mastered the Su-15, Su-27 and An-26 aircraft – the focus.ua portal wrote about him.

Reports about the general’s death have not been officially confirmed by both the Russian and Ukrainian sides. The Liga portal, citing open sources, pointed out that the general could be released from military service after reaching retirement age.

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Main photo source: Mykola Ołeszczuk/Telegram

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