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Ukraine. Media Russians are moving T-54 tanks. They were used to suppress the uprising in Hungary

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The Russians are transferring T-54 tanks to Ukraine, the production of which started in 1946, the portal of Radio Svoboda reported on Wednesday. Photos and recordings appear on social media, which are supposed to show echelons transporting the said machines. T-54 tanks were used, among others, to suppress the anti-Soviet uprising in Hungary in 1956.

The portal referred to photos published by the independent investigative project Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT). They show a train carrying T-54 tanks heading west Russia. CIT learned that the train left the city of Arsenyev in Primorsky Krai in the Far East of Russia, where the Central Tank Reserve and Storage Base is located. The photo shows the T-54 tanks and the later T-55 model.

CIT analysts also studied publicly available satellite images of the warehouse base in Arsenjewo. They show open warehouses and hangars. They also show that at least 191 tanks (probably mainly T-62s) left the base no earlier than July 12 and no later than October 2, 2022. CIT speculates that in reality this number may be higher, because the vehicles best prepared for combat use are usually in hangars and it is difficult to record their departure.

Tanks used to suppress the uprising in Hungary

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The T-54 and T-55 tanks were developed by the Kharkiv Design Bureau. Their production started in 1946. Over 40,000 of them were produced. These vehicles were equipped not only by the Soviet army, but also by, among others, Polish, Czechoslovak and Romanian. One of the first cases of their use was the suppression of the Hungarian uprising in 1956.

Soviet T-54 and T-55 tanks drive through the streets of Budapest (October 1956)PAP/KEYSTONE

“Even an obsolete tank can be more useful than none, but the key disadvantages of these models are considered to be the lack of rangefinders and (…) fire control system. Moreover, they have primitive sights, and the T-54 has incomplete gun stabilization (…)” Conflict Intelligence Team reported. “This indicates serious problems with the supply of military equipment to the Russian armed forces,” it added.

So far, the oldest tanks used by the Russian army in the war against Ukraine former T-62, produced since 1961 – recalled Radio Swoboda.

Main photo source: PAP/KEYSTONE

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