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Ukraine. Media: The Russians imprisoned five men in a ditch for two weeks

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The Ukrainian editorial office of Radio Swoboda informed on Tuesday that in the Kiev region in mid-March Russian military had imprisoned five young men in a ditch for two weeks. Civilians were held outdoors with their hands tied.

On March 17, five Russian soldiers broke into the home of Bohdan Hrytsenko in Termakhivka. They found his younger brother’s military jacket, and they considered Bohdan an artillery observer, the Ukrainian editorial office of Radio Swoboda reported, citing the man’s account.

– I told them it was not true, and even if I were, I would defend my land – said the 25-year-old. After these words, the Russians shot him twice in the leg, the bullets went right through.

The Russians imprisoned the Ukrainians in a ditch for two weeks

The Russians also captured four of Hrytsenka’s friends from the area. The oldest of them was 29, and the youngest was 22. All of them tied their hands and blindfolded them, put them in an armored personnel carrier and took them to one of the checkpoints in that village. There, the men were interrogated and beaten.

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Attempts were made to obtain information from them, inter alia, about the positions of the Ukrainian troops. The inmates said they knew nothing about it. Later, the men were thrown into a roadside ditch, where they were held for the next two weeks, we read.

Russian soldiers in the area of ​​the city of Popasna. Photo from May 26Forum

Civilians were given a dirty sack with a handful of straw and some old quilts to cover up. All the time the hands of the prisoners were tied with a rope, and their eyes were covered with caps tied with tape. They were constantly guarded by an armed soldier who threatened to shoot them in any attempt to escape.

During the detention, the prisoners could not even put on their jackets. – When it rained, all the rags they threw at us got wet. You lie down, shake, wait for the morning to let the sun shine. Sometimes there were frosts at night. Then in the morning you don’t feel your legs at all. You get up and shake like a drunk – said one of the prisoners, Bohdan Harkusza.

The prisoners were ordered to dig a grave

The men were fed porridge once or twice a day. They were led to the toilet, but their hands were not untied, only their eyes were uncovered.

“Russian soldiers passing by said: Ukropy! Why didn’t you kill them? We’ll hang them, let’s bury them!” – recalls the former prisoner of war. Another time, a group of soldiers started beating them all over their bodies. A soldier asked one of the prisoners why he was not shaved and began to cut his beard with a knife. “Better would be death than such slavery,” said Harkusha.

Near the place where the prisoners were kept, a man’s body was lying in the bushes for about a week. “We killed one guy here, broke his fingers, and he didn’t even grimace.” He was definitely on drugs, said one of the Russian soldiers. One day, the prisoners were ordered to dig a grave for the dead man.

“You will dig up those who buried here for a long time”

At the end of March, after the withdrawal of Russian troops from the village, five men were left unsupervised and managed to escape.

In May, the local police carried out an exhumation of the buried body. The victim is a 53-year-old resident of the neighboring village of Viktor Sydorenko. There were gunshot wounds and signs of beatings on his body.

Harkusha, looking at the grave he had dug for Sydorenka, recalled the words of one of the Russian soldiers: “You will be digging up those who buried here for a long time.”

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