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Ukraine. Media: UK to donate 20-30 Malloy T150 transport drones

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The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announced that transport drones will be among the equipment donated to Ukraine. The Times newspaper announced on Tuesday that Ukraine will receive between 20 and 30 Malloy T150 drones.

As part of the next batch of military aid, the United Kingdom will provide Ukraine with Malloy T150 transport drones, which have only recently been used by the British armed forces, the Times reported on Tuesday.

In the speech given that day To members of the Ukrainian parliament, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that among the equipment worth 300 million pounds, there will also be transport drones, but he did not specify their type and number.

Boris Johnson spoke to the Ukrainian parliamentPAP / EPA / ANDREW PARSONS / 10 DOWNING STREET HANDOUT

Drones would be used to provide supplies for soldiers at the front.

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The Times: Great Britain will hand over Malloy T150 drones to Ukraine

According to military sources cited by The Times, these are drones manufactured by the British company Malloy Aeronautics. The Malloy T150 model is controlled via a laptop, has a range of about 65 kilometers, a working time of 36 minutes and can carry loads weighing up to 68 kg.

In 2020, drones were tested by members of the Royal Marines in various weather conditions. It is not clear how many such drones the British armed forces currently have and whether those that will be handed over to Ukraine will come from the Ministry of Defense’s own resources or will be purchased specifically for Ukrainians.

Ukrainian soldier in the area between Luhansk and Donetsk, photo from April 18 PAP / EPA

The Times daily reported – citing sources – that Ukraine will receive between 20 and 30 such machines.

Main photo source: PAP / EPA

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