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Ukraine, military intelligence publishes intercepted conversation: “They bring convicts from Buryatia to the front, they drive longer than they fight

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The Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine published on Thursday an intercepted – according to the services – telephone conversation between a Russian soldier and an acquaintance living in Russia. In the recording, the man says that prisoners from Buryatia are sent to the Ukrainian front and that the bodies of the killed Russian soldiers are not exported to Russia.

The conversation, published on Thursday on the Telegram of Ukrainian military intelligence, lasts 2.5 minutes. The interlocutor says that a Ukrainian counter-offensive is approaching, and Russian troops must be prepared for the attack. At some point, a female voice notices that at the front in Ukraine there are many mobilized soldiers from Buryatia.

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– They showed that they were from the Khanty-Mantyi District, from Ulan-Ude, that they had come by plane – says the woman in the recording.

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– Yes, they are convicts, from Buryatia, 60 people – replies the man. – They travel longer than they fight. They died almost instantly. Nobody counts them,” he said.

Russian soldiers. Illustrative photo Shutterstock

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The dead are presumed missing

The man also says that if prisoners are injured at the front, no one heals them. He claims that the bodies of the killed Russian soldiers are not exported to Russia. “They’ll bury it somewhere here,” he says, adding that the dead are considered missing.

A female voice says that “the most important thing is that you come back”. The man replies that “it’s not that simple”.

From the recording and from the description provided by the Ukrainian intelligence, we do not find out on which section the Russian soldier is fighting, who stated that he was soon to be in positions where the Ukrainians “shoot more often”.

Publishing conversations

Ukrainian services have repeatedly published what they claim are intercepted conversations between Russian soldiers and their families living in Russia. They usually show that the Russian army fighting in Ukraine has problems with armament and supplies, and that the military lose trust in their commanders.

Western agencies in most cases reserve that they are unable to confirm the authenticity of such talks.

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