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Ukraine. Military Intelligence: The number of Russian servicemen willing to surrender is growing rapidly

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Ukrainian military intelligence (HUR) reports a sharp increase in the number of Russian servicemen willing to surrender to Ukrainian captivity. In March, 3,000 such reports were registered.

The number of Russian military who want to surrender to Ukrainian captivity is growing rapidly, Ukrainian military intelligence (HUR) reported on Friday. The anticipation of the Ukrainian counter-offensive worsens the moral condition in the Russian ranks, he estimates.

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According to the HUR communiqué, 3,000 were registered in March as part of the state program “I want to live”. reports of willingness to be taken prisoner by Russian soldiers. This is twice as much as in previous months.

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The Russians surrender themselves directly on the battlefield

The HUR also notes an increasing number of Russian soldiers surrendering directly to the battlefield, we read.

The Ukrainian counter-offensive operation has not yet started, but its results are already visible. “The choice of a Russian soldier in war is simple: either death or captivity,” it added.

Main photo source: mil.ru

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