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Ukraine. Mysterious flare over Kiev

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On Thursday night, the sky over Kiev lit up with a flash. Recordings showing the mysterious phenomenon circulated on social media. The city authorities and the air force of Ukraine, and even NASA, spoke on the matter. Scientists monitoring geophysical phenomena in Ukraine say that the flare was most likely associated with “the entry of a cosmic body into the dense layers of the atmosphere.”

A bright glow was observed in the sky above the Ukrainian capital around 10 p.m. local time. Four short video clips posted on Telegram by journalist and blogger Anatoly Sharia showed the sky suddenly illuminated by a brilliant light. In one of the clips, a burning object appeared to crash to the ground.

At night, an anti-aircraft alarm was heard in the city, the head of the military administration of Kiev, Serhiy Popko, announced on Telegram.

After a mysterious flare, an anti-aircraft alert was declared in Kiev, but the air defense was not activated. There’s a war going on in the country. Something incomprehensible, unexpected for everyone, appeared in the sky. Therefore, the command announced the alarm to clarify the circumstances of this event – explained the spokesman of the Ukrainian Air Force Yuri Ihnat.

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Authorities talk about a satellite, NASA denies it

The Ukrainian Air Force said it was not a Russian missile attack and said it had nothing to do with the phenomenon, suggesting the flash could have been caused by a satellite or meteorite. – The Air Force did not work in this direction. They operated in the eastern direction, where they shot down 10 shahads, Ihnat told Ukrainian TV.

The military administration of the Ukrainian capital, citing preliminary information, told the media that the flare in the sky was caused by a satellite NASA.

Earlier this week, NASA actually announced that a decommissioned satellite would soon fall to Earth. The RHESSI satellite in 2002-2018 observed solar flares and coronal mass ejections from the Sun. NASA reported that in April, more than 20 years after the launch of the mission, the device will re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere. According to the agency, it was supposed to take place in the night from Wednesday to Thursday. However, a NASA spokesman said Thursday that the satellite is still in orbit and will not enter Earth’s atmosphere until Thursday night. He added that NASA and the Department of Defense USA they’re still tracking RHESSI.

A spokesman for the agency denied the same reports that a NASA satellite was behind the flare in the Kiev sky.

UFO over Kiev?

Ukrainian social media was flooded with memes and conspiracy theories related to the mysterious phenomenon over Kiev. There were even voices that the bright glow over the Ukrainian capital is the work of …. aliens.

“Please do not use official Air Force symbols to create memes for the delight of the enemy!” – appealed the Ukrainian aviation.

A few minutes earlier, Andriy Yermak, the head of the presidential office, published an emoticon depicting a UFO.

Science center about the probable fall of a meteorite

On Thursday, the Main Special Control Center, monitoring geophysical phenomena at Ukraine reported that the huge flash of light observed by the inhabitants of Kiev on Wednesday evening was most likely associated with “the entry of a cosmic body into the dense layers of the atmosphere.”

“April 19, 2023 at 21.57 Kiev time in Ukraine, a high-energy acoustic event was recorded using infrasound measurement equipment of the State Technical Center of Ukraine. The estimated epicenter of the explosion is in the Kiev region,” the center announced.

“The event is probably related to the entry of a cosmic body into the dense layers of the atmosphere, details are being determined,” the release said.

Main photo source: https://twitter.com/KyivPost

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