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Ukraine. NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg: Putin is not preparing for peace

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NATO Secretary General assessed that Russian President Vladimir Putin is not preparing for peace. “He made it clear today that he is preparing for more war. He can’t win. It would be dangerous for us and for the whole world, Jens Stoltenberg said at a press conference.

Jens Stoltenberg estimated that if President Putin wins on Ukraineit will be dangerous for everyone. – Russia decides to attack its neighbor, Ukraine. And Ukraine, of course, has the right to defend itself. This is written in the Charter UN. And we, NATO allies, members of the European Union, we all have the right to support Ukraine. And that is exactly what we do, he pointed out.

According to the head of NATO, “Putin is not preparing for peace in any way.” It was President Putin who started this imperialist war of conquest. Putin made it clear today that he is preparing for further war. He can’t win. It would be dangerous for us and for the whole world – commented Stoltenberg, referring to Tuesday’s speech of the Russian president.


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He also stated that NATO regretted Russia’s decision to withdraw from the New START strategic arms reduction agreement and called on Moscow to change its position on this matter.

NATO chief: it’s really a logistical battle

Stoltenberg stated that the allies are delivering increasingly heavier, more advanced weapons and are in constant consultation with Ukraine on the different types of weapons, but also on how to ensure that all already delivered systems work as they should. – It should be remembered that it is not only about delivering new systems, but also about ensuring that artillery, armored equipment, anti-aircraft systems that have already been delivered have the spare parts, ammunition, maintenance, fuels they need to function – he said.

So it’s really a logistical battle. And that’s why I welcome today’s meeting, where we focus on how we can ensure that we provide Ukraine with all the support it needs to defend itself,’ he said.

He added that NATO also has another task, namely to prevent the escalation of this war beyond Ukraine. And that is why on the morning of the invasion we launched our defense plans and deployed thousands of additional troops to the eastern side of the Alliance, supported by significant air and naval forces, to send a very clear message to Moscow that NATO is here to protect every inch of NATO territory. If one ally is attacked, it will be considered an attack on the entire alliance.

Ukrainian troops in Wuhledar PAP/Eugene Titov

– That is why we will continue to support Ukraine – as long as it is necessary. And we will continue to provide credible deterrence and defense across NATO territory.

He also informed that NATO will organize a meeting of experts to make sure that Ukraine gets from its partners the weapons it currently needs most.


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