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Ukraine, Nova Kakhovka. Power plant dam blown up. The reaction of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs unconditionally condemned “another unprecedented act of Russian barbarism in the occupied territories of Ukraine.” The Polish Ministry of Diplomacy published a communiqué in connection with the blowing up of the dam in Nowa Kachówka.

Ukrainian authorities announced on Tuesday morning that The Russians blew up the dam of the hydroelectric power plant in Nowa Kakhovka. According to the Ministry of the Interior Ukraine after the dam of the power plant in Nowa Kakhovka was blown up, at least 10 towns on the right, western bank of the Dnieper are in the flood risk zone. These are: Mykolaivka, Olhivka, Lowo, Tyahynka, Poniativka, Ivanivka, Tokarivka, Pridniprowskie, Sadowe and partly the city of Kherson.

Water flows through the destroyed dam in Nowa Kachówkatwitter.com/ZelenskyyUa

The dam, in the Russian-occupied part of the Kherson Oblast, was the only one of the six dams on the Dnieper that was occupied by the Russians. In the neighboring Zaporozhye Oblast, there is the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant, occupied by Russian troops. The power plant is not operational, but it still needs water from the reservoir created by the blown up dam to cool the reactors.

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The dam in Nowa KachówkaGoogle Maps

Blowing up the dam in Nowa Kachówka. The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs reacts

It reacted to the events in Ukraine Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairswhich wrote that it “unconditionally condemns another unprecedented act of Russian barbarism in the occupied territories of Ukraine.”

According to the ministry, blowing up the dam on the Dnieper in Nowa Kakhovka is “a serious violation of the basic norms of humanitarian law, environmental law and has the hallmarks of a war crime.”

Dnieper in Kherson Reuters

“This act poses a direct threat to the life of the civilian population living on the banks of the Dnieper River below the dam, as well as for the operation of the Zaporozhian Nuclear Power Plant, and brings the prospect of an ecological disaster with unprecedented consequences on a regional scale, with repercussions for the whole of Europe. It will increase material losses and will result in further forced resettlement of the population,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs wrote.

The communiqué assured that our country “will make every effort to ensure that Russia bears international responsibility, and that the perpetrators of this criminal act are punished, and will demand it within the framework of international institutional and legal mechanisms, including those of a humanitarian and environmental nature.”

“In response, it is necessary to impose further severe sanctions on the Russian Federation,” wrote the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The dam in Nowa KachówkaPhoto from June 5, 2023MAXAR/Reuters

The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs today called for an urgent meeting of the Security Council in a statement UN on the “Russian terrorist attack” that destroyed the dam, and to impose further severe sanctions on Russia.

Russians on the dam in Nowa KakhovkaPhoto from May 2022SERGEI ILNITSKY/PAP/EPA

The dam of the Hydroelectric Power Plant in Nova Kakhovka, Kherson Oblast, was commissioned in 1956, is 30 meters high and 3,273 meters long. It is one of the most important Ukrainian dams on the Dnieper and the last one from the mouth of the river to the Black Sea, i.e. located in the place where the river carries the most water.

Main photo source: Reuters

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