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Ukraine, Nowa Kakhovka – Russians destroyed the dam. Volodymyr Zelensky: terrorists will not stop us with water

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Terrorists will not be able to stop Ukraine with water, missiles or any other means,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky tweeted, referring to the Russians blowing up the Nova Kakhovka dam.

Ukrainian authorities announced on Tuesday morning that The Russians blew up the dam of the hydroelectric power plant in Nowa Kakhovka. According to the Ministry of the Interior Ukraine after the dam of the power plant in Nowa Kakhovka was blown up, at least 10 towns on the right, western bank of the Dnieper are in the flood risk zone. These are: Mykolaivka, Olhivka, Lowo, Tyahynka, Poniativka, Ivanivka, Tokarivka, Pridniprowskie, Sadowe and partly the city of Kherson.

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Zelensky about the destruction of the dam in Nova Kakhovka

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“Russian terrorists. The destruction of the dam of the Kakhiv hydroelectric power plant is a confirmation to the whole world that they (Russians – ed.) must be expelled from every part of the Ukrainian land,” the president wrote on Twitter Volodymyr Zelensky.

He added that “not a single meter can be left to the Russians, because they will use it to sow terror.” “Only Ukraine’s victory will restore security. And this victory will come. Terrorists will not be able to stop Ukraine with water, missiles or any other means,” he added.

Earlier, the head of the National Security and Defense Council (RNBiO), Oleksiy Danilov, announced that Zelensky had called an extraordinary meeting of the council in connection with the blowing up of the dam.

“Another War Crime of Russian Terrorists”

“This is ecocide. The Russians will answer for the potential deprivation of drinking water for people in the southern part of the Kherson region and in the Crimea, for the potential destruction of parts of the village and the biosphere,” Andriy Yermak, head of the presidential office, wrote on Telegram.

He then warned that the actions of the Russians “pose a threat to the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant”. He called the blowing up of the dam “another war crime by Russian terrorists” and called for “international punishment”.

Main photo source: Twitter.com/ZelenskyyUa

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