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Ukraine, occupied Melitopol. Loud explosion, Russians talk about homemade cargo

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A loud explosion took place on Thursday morning in Melitopol, said Ivan Fedorov, the mayor of this Russian-occupied city, loyal to the authorities in Kiev. The administration appointed by the Russians reported that a “policeman” was injured as a result of the explosion of a homemade bomb.

“It’s noisy in Melitopol. Around 7.40 am [czasu moskiewskiego, w Polsce godzina 5.40 – przyp. red.] A loud explosion was heard in various parts of the city,” Vladimir Rogov, a representative of the occupation authorities in Melitopol, reported on the Telegram channel.

A little later, Rogov wrote that “as a result of the explosion of a homemade bomb, a policeman was injured.” According to him, the incident took place near the fire station. The officer was hospitalized.

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Loyal to the authorities in Kiev, the mayor of Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov, wrote on the Telegram channel that after the explosion, “orcs” [pogardliwe określenie Rosjan – przyp. red.] “They were not jokingly scared.” “They took the so-called police and rescuers to Ivan Alekseev Street – they allegedly found a homemade explosive near the firehouse. They also reported a wounded ‘policeman’. Probably later, they will block the street and look for ‘saboteurs’,” Fedorov added.

A police car in the center of occupied MelitopolIvan Fedorov/Telegram

Local media reported that the explosion was heard in various districts of the city, and loudest in the center – near the city park. “After the explosion, the residents of Melitopol heard a strange bang. Later, Russian cars with flashing lights raced along the main streets of the city. Residents also heard ambulance and police sirens,” reported the regional, pro-Ukrainian portal RIA Melitopol.

Melitopol in Zaporizhia Oblast is under Russian occupationForum

After an assassination attempt on a collaborator

The portal recalled that in mid-March, a representative of the occupation authorities, Ivan Tkach, died as a result of a car explosion in Melitopol. According to reports by the Ukrainian security service, the collaborator was responsible for transporting Russian soldiers and mercenaries to the front.

“Recall, on the day when Ivan Weaver’s car blew up, the version of the attempt on the life of the main collaborator of the fire brigade, Dmitry Kucherkov, was also considered. It is possible that today there was another attempt to eliminate the traitor,” RIA Melitopol wrote.

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Main photo source: Ivan Fedorov/Telegram

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