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Ukraine, Oleszki. Yevhen Ryszczuk: There are two days’ worth of food left

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In occupied Oleszki, food supplies were left for two days. There is also a lack of drinking water, the mayor of this city, Yevhen Ryszczuk, who is loyal to the Ukrainian authorities, said in an interview with PAP. Oleszki found itself under water after the dam in Nowa Kachówka was blown up.

There’s enough food left for two days. There is a shortage of drinking water because the wells are polluted by flood waters. Yesterday, you could drink water from the well after boiling it, and today it is useless, dirty and cloudy, Jewhen Ryszczuk explained in a phone interview with PAP.

Although after the culminating wave the water level began to go down, there are still people and animals on the roofs of houses waiting for evacuation. In the absence of action by the Russian occupation authorities, they rely solely on the help of volunteers.

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– Not everyone has been taken from the roofs of their houses, where they took shelter from the floods. Volunteers take them out. The sick were transferred to the hospital and school – said the mayor.

The rescue operation is difficult because the inhabitants of Oleszki do not have the means to move on water. The Russians confiscated people’s boats and other floating equipment shortly after they fled Kherson, which was liberated by Ukrainian forces.

– What volunteers on site have at their disposal are a few boats and pontoons that someone managed to hide in the garage or in the yard. It is literally just a few boats that collect people from roofs and flooded houses and transport them to the dry part of the city – stressed Ryszczuk.

Rescue coordinator in Kherson: People are under constant fire, and water brings death. Something shockingTVN24

The occupiers do not help

According to his account, representatives of the occupying army Russia they do not provide any help to the civilians who remained in Oleszki and its vicinity.

– The Russians do nothing. Yesterday they arrived on two cutters, worked for an hour and left. The occupants do not provide active help. It’s all on the minds of the people,” he said.

Russians also occupy apartments located on unflooded floors of blocks and on the upper floors of single-family houses.

– They are deployed in blocks and houses, setting up fire stations there, for fear of Ukrainian sabotage groups that may get there from the right bank of the Dnieper – said the mayor.

The evacuation of the inhabitants of flooded Kherson is underway

The evacuation of the inhabitants of flooded Kherson is underway Reuters

Waiting for international help

When asked about the help of international organizations in combating the consequences of the flood, Ryszczuk assessed that they could not be counted on.

– International organizations do not want to come here. People are waiting for help, the Russians do not provide it, we cannot get there, and the international organizations that have been established for this do not fulfill their mission – he said.

According to the mayor of Ołeszka, the so-called hromada, i.e. a commune, consisting of a town and adjoining villages, had before the Russian invasion Ukraine and the open phase of the war of 40,000 inhabitants. As a result of hostilities, half of the people left for safer places.


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