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Ukraine. Peak in Ramstein. Doctor Bonikowska: Things are not going as Ukrainians would like

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From Ukraine’s point of view, things are not progressing as Ukrainians would like. Europe, and especially Germany, must change the way of thinking, said Dr. Małgorzata Bonikowska in “Fakty po Faktach”, assessing the decisions of the Friday summit of Ukraine’s Western allies in Ramstein. – The West, fearing escalation, wants to cook the frog slowly but effectively – commented Dr. Piotr Łukasiewicz.

On Friday in located in Germany US base in Ramsteinunder the leadership of the head of the Pentagon Lloyd Austinanother meeting of the Defense Support Contact Group was held Ukraine (Ukraine Defense Contact Group) among about 50 countries. Head of the Ministry of National Defence Mariusz Blaszczak informed after the end of the talks that decisions regarding the transfer of Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine have still not been made.

Doctor Małgorzata Bonikowska, president of the Center for International Relations, and reserve colonel Doctor Piotr Łukasiewicz, former ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Afghanistan.

Bonikowska: Europe, and especially Germany, must change the way of thinking

– From the point of view of Ukraine, things are not progressing as Ukrainians would like. Europe and especially Germany they have to change the way they think and it’s not that easy. (…) Germany is very seriously burdened with the balance of World War II and World War I as well. They are a nation that has been taught that there should be no war. Germany, like Europe in general, has removed war from its imagination, at least in its immediate vicinity, and would prefer not to wage these wars, said Bonikowska.

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As she added, for this reason “the whole of Europe is in great discomfort because of this.” – As EU countries, we are not, certainly not all, in a state of mental war. However, this is a war being fought somewhere nearby, admittedly very close, but not with us. This is also the reason for fears of an escalation of such a war. Somewhere in the back of the head there is a fear that if we increase military aid to Ukraine, we will eventually get our ears pierced for it, she assessed.

According to Dr. Bonikowska, the West must remember what happened. – A strong state attacked a weaker one, the weaker one defends itself well, but the West cannot allow for a precedent that in the end the stronger state will gain territorial gains. There is no shortage of countries on the world map that have different aspirations to take pieces of other countries for themselves. International law cannot be broken, she added.

Łukasiewicz: The West, fearing escalation, wants to cook the frog slowly

Łukasiewicz assessed that both sides of the war were motivated by other reasons. – The Russians are fighting a political war, because Putin’s political fate, even his life, depends on it. (…) The Ukrainians want a military victory, which is supposed to enable the fall, the withdrawal of the Russian army, the fall of Putin, he said.

– This difference in the type of wars fought by both sides results in what we sometimes refer to as delays, reluctance to escalate, because the West, fearing escalation, wants to cook the frog slowly but effectively – he explained. He stressed, however, that Ukraine constantly receives military support from its Western Allies.

– We are under great moral pressure caused by these monstrous images, this barbarism of the Russians that we see every day. There is also strategic and political pressure on the West’s side, which indicates that something cannot be done hastily, because it will lead to even greater confrontation, he said.

The TVN24 guest appealed to let the Germans “do at their own pace what will release the Leopards in a timely manner”. – Seeing what decisions the Germans made 11 months ago, and 11 months later, when the Germans send ammunition, armored vehicles – I think that maybe in March, maybe in February we will hear a decision to release the Leopards – he said. “The most important thing is that the West as a whole wants to do something,” he added.

“Americans are absolutely determined”

The president of the Center for International Relations noted that Western countries expect that “firstly, there may be a new Russian offensive, (…) secondly, that the Russians will be very determined to settle this war in order to finally get a solution that will allow us to declare success” .

– The Ukrainians want to do exactly the opposite. Not only not to be pushed out, but to push the Russians out of the east. Americans are absolutely determined here. They built the unity of the West in a fantastic way in all possible threads – in financial, military, diplomatic, moral assistance, each – she assessed.

“The idea is to soften the Russian defense lines first”

– There is one feature of this war that we have been watching for 11 months. The Ukrainians first soften the Russian positions with artillery, so that Russia retreats, and then the Ukrainians advance. We saw it near Kiev, we saw it near Kharkov, we also saw it in Kherson, said Łukasiewicz.

He added that “Ukrainians have little offensive capabilities, but it is rather the western patrons of Ukraine, and the Ukrainians themselves, who want to soften the Russian defense lines first, so that a slow withdrawal can take place.” “Apparently, this is the strategic intention of the West, and Ukraine is doomed to implement this plan, because it has no other possibilities,” he said.

Main photo source: PAP/EPA/CLEMENS BALANCE

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