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Ukraine – Poland. Millions of tons of grain, feed and oilseeds from Ukraine in Poland

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From July 2022 to March 2023, 4 million tons of grain, fodder and oilseeds from Ukraine were delivered to Poland. Wirtualna Polska has accessed Ukrainian data on the export of agricultural products abroad. Poland was ranked 5th on the list of the largest importers.

Wirtualna Polska reminds that in July 2022 the Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki for the first time announced the blocking of food imports from Ukraine. “It was supposed to pass through our country in transit, and in fact a large part of it stayed in Poland. They were bought, among others, by Polish production companies, due to the favorable price” – we read.

The portal reached Ukrainian data on exports of agricultural products. The source of data are “Ukrainian state registers, access to which is offered on commercial terms by specialized services”. “In the list we have reached, almost 98,000 transactions regarding the export of agricultural products from Ukraine were registered from July 2022 to March 2023.” – writes Wirtualna Polska.

The portal points out that the Ukrainian data confirms the Polish companies on the list. The information also coincides with the data from the register of the Polish Chief Veterinary Inspectorate.

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Import of agricultural products from Ukraine to Poland

Ukrainian data – which Wirtualna Polska has reached – shows that from July 2022 to March 2023, 4 million tons of grain, fodder and oilseeds from Ukraine were delivered to Poland. “This gives us fifth place on the list of Ukrainian importers of products from these groups. They are ahead of us RomaniaChina, Türkiye and Spain. Behind us: Italy, Hungary, the Netherlands, Egypt and Germany. All these countries received at least one million tons of products from Ukraine.

The portal writes about several spikes in imports. For comparison, in August 234,000 were imported. tonnes, mainly rapeseed, and in September already 423 thousand. tone. “This time, apart from 148,000 tons of rape, 139,000 tons of maize and 66,000 tons of wheat arrived in Poland. October saw another increase: 555,000 tons of imports, of which 280,000 are already for cereals (maize, wheat, barley) . ton” – indicates the portal.

In November, a record 701,000 people entered Poland. tons of grain and oilseeds from Ukraine, including 288 thousand. tons of corn and 188 thousand. tons of wheat. The portal adds that this month, information about irregularities in the import of Ukrainian grain is also beginning to appear, the term “technical grain” appears.

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Last week, “Rzeczpospolita” reported that the so-called technical grain from Ukraine was sold as Polish food to the largest flour producers in the country.

In December, 525,000 arrived in Poland. tons of Ukrainian agricultural produce, “including 229 thousand tons of corn, almost 129 thousand tons of wheat and 7.5 thousand tons of barley”.

“Technical grain” in Poland

In the statements obtained by Wirtualna Polska there is no such category as “technical grain”. Such qualification of grain is just a formal trick to speed up the flow of goods from Ukraine across the Polish border. He points out that “already six months ago, the industry media wrote that grain actually stays in Poland. And agricultural activists talked about the uncontrolled influx of grain without proper documents and research.”

Wirtualna Polska reminds that the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development did not refer to the fact that Ukrainian grain stays in our country, which was mentioned in January by, among others, Jan Krzysztof ArdanowskiPiS MP and former Minister of Agriculture.

The Ministry of Agriculture only argued that there is no inflow of grain without the research required by Polish law. The Ministry of Agriculture assured in a statement published on January 20 that “there are no so-called technical grains in grain imports from Ukraine, and every grain imported to Poland is subject to border control by the relevant services.”

In the opinion of Wirtualna Polska, the appeals of farmers and politicians had “not much” impact on the scale of grain imports from Ukraine. “According to Ukrainian data, nearly 288,000 tons entered Poland in January, 291,000 tons in February, and 249,000 tons of grain in March. In total, from July 2022 to March 2023, importers imported over 2.2 million tons of grain” – we read. It is not known how much of it is left in Poland.

The Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Rzeszów has launched an investigation into irregularities in the import of Ukrainian grain to Poland. A team of investigators has been appointed in this prosecutor’s office to investigate all cases of irregularities.

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