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Ukraine, Ramstein meeting on equipment and weapons. Wojciech Bojanowski – commentary from Kiev

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On Friday, another meeting of the contact group for Ukraine’s defense support began at the base in Ramstein, Germany, where a decision on military aid worth billions of dollars to Kiev may be made.

Ukraine he definitely needs tanks and long-range missiles, as he said Volodymyr Zelensky during the session UN. Despite the fact that the Ukrainians defend themselves very bravely, the Ukrainian army has recently suffered quite serious losses – said Wojciech Bojanowski about the expectations of the Ukrainians defending themselves against the Russians in Friday’s report from Kiev.

He reported that the reports coming from the Ukrainian front are disturbing, and heavy fighting is still taking place in the vicinity of Soledar.


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As the TVN24 envoy emphasized, Ukraine needs Western military equipment. – Expectations that this Western equipment will appear in Ukraine are very high. Let’s hope that this decision will be made soon enough – he added.

Aid package for Ukraine. Joint declaration of a group of NATO countries, including Poland

Bojanowski, referring to the next one, Friday meetings of the contact group for defense support to Ukraine at the American base in Ramsteinrecalled that Germany they still put conditions on German tanks.

Bojanowski reported on the situation in Ukraine against the backdrop of destroyed Russian equipment in Kiev. As he said, this view is supposed to “keep up the spirits of Ukrainians” in a sense.

Wojciech Bojanowski: heavy equipment is difficult to move on the soggy ground TVN24

Weather and its influence on Russian strategy

Bojanowski was also asked about the weather in Ukraine. He said that this year’s winter was “extremely kind” for the Ukrainians and that with the strategy adopted by the Russians and assuming the destruction of the infrastructure, including the heat and power plant, (winter) was not so severe.

– From time to time there is no electricity, this is the reality and it happens, even several times a day, but power outages last only a few minutes – added Bojanowski.

As he stated, the weather also affects what is happening at the front. – It is very difficult to move heavy equipment where the ground is wet. When planning a more serious offensive, Ukrainians or Russians must take this into account. Under such conditions, more serious movements at the front are very burdensome – said TVN24 envoy in Kiev.

Main photo source: 10bkpanc.wp.mil.pl

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