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Ukraine. Rescue coordinator in Kherson: People are under constant fire, and water brings death. Something shocking

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There is a terrifying amount of destruction. In addition to the fact that people are under constant fire, there is also water, which brings death just as much. This is really something shocking – said Piotr Skopiec, coordinator of the rescue operation of the Humanosh Med Evacuation group in Kherson, which was affected by flooding as a result of the Russians blowing up the dam in Nowa Kakhovka on the Dnieper.

Authorities Ukraine informed on Tuesday that the Russians had blown up a dam on the Dnieper in Nowa Kakhovka, which formed the 240 km long Kachowski Reservoir. The hydroelectric power plant located on the dam was completely destroyed. The water flooded dozens of surrounding settlements and cities.

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Piotr Skopiec from the Humanosh Foundation spoke on Saturday morning in “One na One” on TVN24 about the situation in Kherson.

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– There is a terrifying enormity of destruction (…) In addition to the fact that people are under constant fire, there is also water, which brings death in the same way. It’s really shocking,” he said.

As he said, people “thank you first of all for being with them, for support, for bringing help.” – We certainly support them in a certain material way, we support them spiritually – added Skopiec.

He reported that volunteers from many countries were arriving at the site. – We meet the Swiss, the GermansBritish, Scots. We meet international organizations – the Ukrainian Red Cross, UNHCR, Doctors Without Borders – he said.

A collection to help the injured

Humanosh Foundation organized a fundraiser to help those affected by the destruction of the dam. It collects funds for the purchase of drinking water purification systems.

Main photo source: Vladyslav Musienko/PAP

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