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Ukraine-Russia. A year ago, Slovakia donated fighter jets to Ukraine. Now the Ministry of Defense is reporting the crime

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The Slovak Ministry of Defense announced on Friday that it would report a crime committed by former Prime Minister Eduard Heger and former minister Jaroslav Nad. This concerns the transfer of 13 MIG-29 fighters and the Kub air defense system to Ukraine in March 2023. Nad said Friday he would make the same decision now.

In connection with the transfer Ukraine MIG-29 fighters and air defense system Kub in March 2023 by the previous Slovak government led by Eduard Heger, the current Ministry of Defense announced that it would report the crime on Friday. The notification mentions sabotage, abuse of power by a public official and failure to fulfill duties.

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Heger's cabinet is mentioned and the then Minister of Defense, Jaroslav Nad, is mentioned. According to the current management of the ministry, the decision of the Heger government was unconstitutional and violated agreements regarding the use of equipment.

The former minister said he would make the same decision now

Deputy Minister of Defense Igor Melicher stated at a press conference on Friday that there was and is no official legal analysis regarding the possibility of transferring 13 fighters and parts of the Kub system to Ukraine. In his opinion, the materials presented by the former minister did not meet the criterion of an official document of the ministry.

After receiving a formal request from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Heger's government transferred fighter jets to Ukraine, explaining that the protection of the Slovak sky would be ensured by fighter jets from Czech and Poland. Later, the air force joined this mission Hungarian. It was also assumed that the costs of the operation would be reimbursed from the European Peace Fund.

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The opposition at the time, the Direction–Slovak Social Democracy (Smer-SD) party, which now controls the defense ministry, argued that Heger's decision was unconstitutional because his cabinet was temporary and was only supposed to administer the country's affairs.

The former minister said on Friday that he would make the same decision now because MIG-29s save the lives of Ukrainians, and Slovakia is to be reimbursed by the European Peace Fund.

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