Ukraine. Russia admits the loss of the Beriev A-50 aircraft. First time


The Unian agency reported that the Russians admitted for the first time that they lost an early warning and control plane in the Ukrainian attack. Beriew A-50.

As we read, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation posted on: wanted list Colonel Mykola Dziaman, commander of the 138th Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade of the Armed Forces Ukrainy.

Ukraine. Russia confirmed the loss of the A-50 aircraft

The Russians accuse the military of carrying out an “attack that led to the death of people.”

The accusation stated that he was a Ukrainian military officer gave the order to destroy the plane Russian Air Force. It was emphasized that the machine did not perform combat operations, was not capable of carrying weapons and operated only in the airspace of the Russian Federation.

Russians they also disclosed detailed losses. 10 crew members died in the crash of the occupying plane. Russian authorities arrested a Ukrainian soldier in absentia.

War in Ukraine. A-50 shot down, cost $350 million

On February 23, Ukrainians reported shooting down a Russian A-50 on the Sea of ​​Azov. The wreck was said to have fallen in Krasnodar.

It was previously reported that Ukrainian soldiers managed to eliminate two planes of this type. One such machine is worth approx $350 million.

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