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Ukraine-Russia. Attack in Crimea and launches near Kharkov. Difficult situation on the front

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Late Wednesday evening Several powerful explosions were heard in Crimea – According to local social media channels, six explosions were reported nearby Sevastopola, Symferopola, Thanks and towns Hwardianwhere the military airport is located.

Users also posted videos showing flames rising nearby Sewastopola.

Ukraine-Russia. Attack on Crimea. The airfield and ammunition warehouse were hit

Around midnight, the pro-Kremlin governor of the region announced that it was in connection with the raid air defense was activated. The Russian missiles were designed to target successfully in a few bullets ATACMSWhat Ukraine received from United States. “An attempted terrorist attack by the Kiev regime was stopped,” wrote Mikhail Razvozhaev.

He emphasized that five rockets were shot down and added that several of them fell to the ground and were hit in residential houses and cars. No one was killed or injured.

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According to information provided by the Ukrainian-Tatar resistance movement “Atesh” operating in Crimea, as a result of the attack the artillery depot of the Belbek military airport was to be destroyed in Sevastopol. They were supposed to cause the flames noticed earlier.

“It was kept there most rockets for planes Su-27Su-30 and MiG-31that terrorize the Ukrainian nation. Also noted significant damage to infrastructure airport as a result of secondary explosions,” we read on the profile.

Offensive near Kharkov. “We see the weakest Ukraine since the beginning of the war”

Meanwhile, the situation on the eastern and north-eastern sections of the front is getting worse clearly to the detriment of Ukraine.

According to the Unian agency, undertaken recently Russian offensive north of Kharkov she created one of the most serious problems for the Ukrainian troops, which they have been facing since the beginning of the war. Soldiers they are low on ammunition and exhausted a fight on approximately 1.5 thousand meters km of the front line.

In the opinion of prof. Branisław Slanczew – a quoted expert from the University of California in San Diego – Russia tries to take over the territory of Ukraine, as long as there is a “small weather window”as Kiev is waiting to receive military aid from Western allies.

“We see the weakest Ukraine since the beginning of the war. The Russians take advantage of this and They're storming like crazy now, because they know that the situation will stabilize by mid- or end of summer. Ukrainians are in trouble now and the next few months will be very critical” – Slanczew emphasized.

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