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Ukraine-Russia. Diplomats indicated the terms of peace. “Putin is afraid of this”

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German diplomats are not convinced war in Ukraine can be completed in 2024. According to Christopha Heusgenema – head of the Munich Security Conference and former adviser Angela Merkel for foreign policy – and Rüdigera von Fritscha – former ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Moscow – Vladimir Putin still not interested in stopping the fighting.

According to an associate of the former chancellor, the Russian president made his peace proposal only to “throw sand into the gears” of the Swiss Peace Conference. – Putin's offer is not taken seriously at all – he said in an interview with Deutsche Welle.

Ukraine-Russia. Conditions for starting peace talks according to German diplomats

The condition for any peace talks between Kiev and Moscow have become a fact, is in the opinion of diplomats recognition by The Kremlin Ukrainian authorities as partners for talks.

This, however, seems to be happening in the near future impossiblebecause Putin questioned the legitimacy Volodymyr Zelensky, when, due to the war, his term of office was automatically extended and no presidential or parliamentary elections were held.

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At the same time, Heusgen stressed that Russia should also start observing United Nations Charter and recognize the sovereignty, independence and borders of Ukraine. – I see the only chance for peace if Ukraine will regain a position of strength in this conflict – added the former advisor to Angela Merkel.

– In my opinion, an agreement with Russia can be bearable for Ukraine only if if he is accompanied by membership in NATO – said the head of the Munich Security Conference.

Russia. Is the Kremlin's entourage's power shaken? “Putin is afraid of it”

Rüdiger von Fritsch however, he said that Vladimir Putin would be ready to start negotiations when he did undivided power in Russia will begin to be questioned. – Vladimir Putin must constantly buy the approval of the country's society. He governs his country with repression, propaganda and constant bribery – he reminded.

The former ambassador to Moscow also pointed out that the Kremlin is first and foremost afraid unexpected events. Von Fritsch gave as an example two events from history that could shake the dictator's power – one of them was protest by mothers of Soviet soldiers fighting in the war with Afghanistanand the next one the Polish phenomenon of “Solidarity”, who overthrew the communist government in our country.

Putin is afraid of this – said the diplomat and added that only by bringing the Russian president to the risk of losing power, will be ready for peace talks.

Source: “German wave”

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