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Ukraine – Russia. Great Britain will supply Ukraine with armor-piercing missiles containing depleted uranium

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In addition to Challenger 2 tanks, Great Britain intends to provide Ukraine with armor-piercing shells containing depleted uranium, Ukrainska Pravda reported, citing information from a meeting of the House of Lords. Missiles with depleted uranium are not nuclear weapons, the British Defense Ministry explained in response to Vladimir Putin’s comment that the transfer of such missiles by the UK to Ukraine would mean the escalation and use of “nuclear weapons” by the West.

– With delivery Ukraine We will also donate ammunition to the Challenger 2 squadron, in particular armor-piercing shells containing depleted uranium, said Member of the House of Lords Annabel Goldie in response to a question from another representative of this body, Raymond Jolliffe. Ukrainska Pravda cited a record of a conversation between British politicians.

According to Goldie, these types of projectiles are highly effective against enemy targets, especially tanks and armored vehicles.

Ukrainian soldiers in Bakhmut Ministry of Defense of Ukraine/Facebook

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Depleted uranium “is a standard component and has nothing to do with nuclear weapons,” the British Defense Ministry said on Tuesday. “The British Army has used depleted uranium in its armor-piercing rounds for decades,” it added.

This technology is used in the production of weapons, because it allows more effective penetration of tank armor due to its density and other physical properties.

Russia he knows about it, but he deliberately tries to misinform. Independent studies by scientists from groups such as the Royal Society have assessed that any impact on personal health and the environment from the use of depleted uranium munitions is likely to be minor. Vladimir Putinthat the UK’s transfer of such missiles to Ukraine would amount to an escalation and use of “nuclear weapons”.

Russia threatens ‘nuclear collision’

Putin condemned Britain’s plans in a statement after meeting with the leader China Xi Jinping in Moscow. “If all this happens, Russia will have to respond accordingly, given that the West is already collectively starting to use weapons with nuclear components,” he said.


Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu He assessed London’s decision as “another step” that leaves less and less room for a potential “nuclear collision” between Russia and the West.

Great Britain supports Ukraine militarily

Depleted uranium is a waste product of the uranium enrichment process, used, among others, in the armaments industry. Depleted uranium is also used in the armor of tanks and combat vehicles as an intermediate layer between the armor plates and the hull. The protection of this level, which is used, including in the armor of some modifications of the American M1 Abrams main battle tank, is considered practically impenetrable to the vast majority of modern armor-piercing ammunition, including Soviet and Russian.

M1A2 Abrams tankPAP/Adam Ziemienowicz

British Challenger 2 tankTwitter/Ministry of Defense

The authorities in London will provide Ukraine with twice as many Challenger 2 tanks as initially promised, ie not 14, but 28, Ukraine’s ambassador to the UK, Vadym Prystaiko, announced on March 4. According to previous announcements, the first British vehicles are to be delivered to the Ukrainian army in March.

Main photo source: Ministry of Defense of Ukraine/Facebook

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