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Ukraine. Russia is preparing an offensive. The military man indicated the direction of the attack

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In an interview with the British “The Telegraph”, the military officer presented the current situation on the front and possible scenarios for the development of the situation. Describing the actions of the Russian army, Pavel Kyrylenko said that there is now a visible reduction in offensive activities because Preparations for a massive offensive are underway.

– We will launch a full, powerful offensive. Closer to summer, Russian troops will be ready to attack to the area at the junction of Zaporozhye and Donetsk oblasts, they will also try to advance towards the Kharkiv oblast to Poltava oblast. Then the battle line will be widened and the depth of the front line will increase, predicts the lieutenant colonel.

– We will be able to cut off their logistic routes so that they will not be able to win the clashes, even if they outnumber our forces. The font line will freeze along the Dnieper. We will lose this territory – added.

At the same time, the Ukrainian military stressed that now the role of Western countries is crucial. If military assistance is provided quickly and is adequate to the needs, the Ukrainian Armed Forces will be able to hold the front. If not, much of the territory currently defended will be occupied by the Russians.

General Syrski: The enemy is increasing its efforts

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He also talked about the current situation on the front Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Oleksandr Syrski. The general emphasized that although the Russian offensive activities are less intense than a few hours ago, they are still carried out in several directions at the same time.

“Despite significant losses, the enemy is increasing its efforts using new units mounted on armored vehicles, thanks to which he periodically achieves tactical successes“- he informed.

The general also drew attention to the recent actions of the Ukrainian army. As he noted, the decisions taken were aimed at “strengthening the most problematic areas of defense with anti-aircraft weapons. Stocks of all types of drones, anti-tank missiles, as well as additional reserves of forces and resources were transferred“.

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