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Ukraine. Russia launched a drone attack on Kyiv

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For the second night in a row, Russia carried out drone strikes on Kiev and its region. The anti-aircraft defense of the city and the region was involved in repelling the attack, the military administration of the Ukrainian capital informed.

“An anti-aircraft alert is announced! The air defense systems involved in the region and on the approach to Kiev are operational,” Serhiy Popko, head of the capital’s military administration, wrote in Telegram Ukraine. The Kiev military administration called on its Telegram channel for people to stay in shelters until the air strikes end. Explosions resembling the sound of air defense systems intercepting air targets were heard in the city, Reuters reports.

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“All enemy targets in the airspace around Kiev have been detected and destroyed”

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“The enemy carried out another air attack on the capital. This time, according to preliminary information, he used Shahed attack drones again,” Popko specified in another post. As he added, “after more than a week’s break, the enemy launched Iranian drones towards Kiev for the second day in a row.” “The air alert lasted for more than 2 hours. All enemy targets in the airspace around Kiev were detected and destroyed by our air defense forces and means,” Popko said.

The Ukrainian Air Force, in turn, reported that Russia launched a total of 15 Iranian Shahed drones into Ukraine overnight, and Ukrainian defense forces shot down 11 of them.

Kiev authorities said that so far no information about casualties or damage caused by the drone attack has been received, the operational summary data is being updated and verified.

Alerts in other parts of the country

The Ukrainian Air Force also reported night alerts in the central and north-eastern regions of Ukraine.

Ihor Taburets, the military commander of the Cherkasy region southeast of Kiev, meanwhile reported on Telegram that a fire broke out in one of the uninhabited buildings following a drone attack, injuring two people after a fire broke out in a non-residential infrastructure facility. “Difficult night… The enemy has attacked our area with Shahed (drones),” he wrote.

The Reuters agency points out that it is not clear how many drones were directed to Cherkasy and how many to Kiev.

The night before, Russia launched 28 drones at Kiev and Odessaand the Ukrainian air defense shot down 26 drones of them.

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