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Ukraine-Russia. “NYT”: Russians are unlikely to be able to penetrate further into Ukrainian territory

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The Russians are unlikely to be able to advance further into Ukrainian territory, the New York Times wrote on Tuesday, citing talks with officials from the administration of US President Joe Biden. The author of the article believes that Kiev's allies may be pleased with their work to support Ukraine.

The New York Times, after talks with officials from the presidential administration USA Joe Bidenclaims in Tuesday's article that “the Russians are unlikely to be able to advance further into Ukrainian territory.”

– Ukrainian forces are stretched along the entire front line and have many months of fighting ahead of them, but a breakthrough on the Ukrainian side should not be expected. Russia – said Micheal Kofman, an analyst at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace think tank, who recently visited Ukraine.

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Russia does not have enough trained soldiers to break through Ukrainian defense lines. Kiev has strengthened its front fortifications and received additional ammunition from Western allies, which is having an effect on the battlefield, wrote the New York Times, citing anonymous US administration officials.

“NYT”: Russia has enough weapons, but it lacks specialists

Russian troops launched an offensive in the spring around Kharkov, which lasted until the beginning of summer, and renewed strong attacks in eastern Ukraine. However, these actions resulted in excessively large losses in relation to the areas conquered – the American daily noted.

Thanks to the ammunition supplies from Chindrones from Iran and missiles and artillery from North Korea, Russia has enough weapons to continue fighting in Ukraine. However, it lacks specialists who would increase combat capabilities that would give Russia an advantage on the battlefield, the NYT assessed.

Russian military mil.ru

Even though Ukraine is facing difficult months, the West can be satisfied with the latest phase of support for Ukraine, according to the daily's interlocutors. This is important because the summit begins on Tuesday. FOR THISwhere Ukraine wants to obtain assurances regarding its joining the alliance, the daily said.

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American officials point out that while Ukrainian officials stick to the narrative of fighting for lost territories, the stakes of the war with Russia in the eyes of many citizens are Kiev's membership in NATO and the EU.

Eric Ciaramella, an expert on Ukraine from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, explained that the West must focus on military support for Ukraine, but also try to introduce it into the Alliance's security structures. The recent NATO summit in Vilnius left a bad taste in the mouth because it did not give Ukraine any clearly defined time frame for its accession to the North Atlantic Alliance. The summit in Washington is supposed to change that, emphasizes the “NYT”.

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