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Ukraine-Russia. The expert is almost certain. There will be a fierce battle for this city

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The situation on the front line has been going on for several weeks is not beneficial for Ukrainians. The Russians are still taking advantage of the advantage and are gradually moving the combat zone further and further to the West. The fiercest battles are taking place now in the Donetsk regionwhere Kremlin soldiers recently took over Ocheretyne. We wrote about this situation in more detail here.

Further “dark scenarios” for the Ukrainian army were outlined by a military commentator – former commander of the “Aydar” battalion – Jewhen Dykij.

Ukraine-Russia. The expert points to Pokrovsk. The city is about to become a battlefield

According to the expert, Kiev's problems are a direct result “critical shortages of two very important resources at the same time – ammunition and people”. – One of these problems will be solved soon. Missiles are on their way. (…) Of course, the Russians are trying to make the best of this situation, that's why they are in a hurry – said the analyst in an interview with Radio NV.

According to Dykiy, the Kremlin army is currently focusing its main efforts on the section that until recently was called the Avdiyika direction, because that is where they are now achieving the greatest successes. As evidence, he cited, among others: occupation of the village Ocheretyne and several other neighboring villages.

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– Honestly, I really don't like making bad predictionsbut here it is quite obvious to me that Pokrovsk will soon become a war zone – said the expert, pointing to the city, which in 2021 has more than 60 thousand inhabitants. He added that he cannot estimate how big it is now risk of getting towns by the Russians.

Will Russia break the front lines? The analyst assesses the chances of breaking the front line

In the opinion of Yevhen Dykij Ukraine Pokorowska will not be easily taken over and will be defend the city “very persistently and fiercely”. He emphasized that Ukrainian soldiers had prepared in this section lines of fortifications.

Given the serious shortages of weapons, ammunition and people, the military analyst was also asked about general situation on the front. In his opinion, the moment – although difficult – it's not a stalemateand the Russians making a large-scale breakthrough, including breaking the front line, “does not pose a threat to Ukraine today.”

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